Pretty P.O.V.: Dior Hydra Life BB Créme SPF 30-PA Tuesday 29 January, 2013

On the hunt for a BB cream with a healthy amount of coverage? Dior Hydra Life BB Créme SPF 30-PA+++ has got you…well…covered.

I know right now our relatively short attention span has moved on from BB creams (the biggest beauty movement in recent memory!) to CC creams (color-correcting creams that multitask just like a BB cream…the differences between the two still elude me), but I’m still pandering in the BB cream department. And my latest love is Dior Hydra Life BB Créme SPF 30-PA+++.

See, I wasn’t always so sure that BB creams were right for me. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m more a full-coverage type of person. The reason behind this: I like my skin imperfections to be virtually undetectable. And the BB creams I’ve tested typically are sheer in their coverage. I can’t completely get on board with that these days; my skin has started to fall prey to hyperpigmentation on the cheeks (darn you, Aging!) plus the very unenviable occurrence of adult acne. Let’s just say: I don’t leave the home without a bit of coverage (unless I’m going to the gym).

But, Dior Hydra Life BB Créme made me do an about face. Though I was initially skeptical about the one-shade-fits-all deal (it comes in a “universally flattering” shade with a warm beige undertone), it instantly matched my skin. And that ultra-important factor to me, coverage, was pretty dang full.


So what else does Dior Hydra Life BB Créme purport to do? For starters, it says right on the bottle: SPF 30-PA+++. We all know what SPF means (and if you don’t, read my primer on SPF), so we know we’re getting sun protection, but what about that PA+++? PA (Protection Grade of UVA) stands for the measurement of UVA-filters’ protective effect against UVA (the rays that play a part in photoaging). And +++ just means it means business.

Additionally, this one-step cream uses plant extracts to moisturize skin and plump up lines via hydration. It smooths uneven skin tone, and applies velvety soft, which often equals a seamless application (in this case: perfectly seamless). I apply it with my fingers, rather than a sponge, simply because I like the way it feels. It’s not heavy, so it could certainly be used as a primer for foundation, but I find the coverage to be just what the woman who wants her skin to look flawless yet not spackled ordered. As far as how many miles you get out of it, it’s a long-distance performer—it really does last all day.

In theory, Dior Hydra Life BB Créme is all you need in the morning after you wash your face. But, I still believe in using good old fashioned skin care too. Either way, it’s got you covered.

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