Pretty P.O.V.: Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream Wednesday 13 November, 2013


Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream promises to make you rethink how a matte lipstick should feel and last.

My quest for the perfect matte lip product is never over—never! And as one who takes her job as a beauty editor very, very seriously, I’ve put my pucker in precarious situations; my lips have gone through the wringer when it comes to moisture-sapping matte lip formulations. I almost was at the point where I thought that matte must always equal flaking. I was so very wrong.

Here’s how I came into contact with my newest matte lip product find that won’t cause your lips to shrivel up: Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream.


(The color I spied on another editor: Moscato)

I was at a nail event, and a lovely editor from Daily Glow sat beside me. She was wearing the most striking bright magenta matte lip color. Not one to bite my tongue when it comes to questions of beauty, I asked her, “What in the heck are you wearing? I must have it!” Turns out, it was Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream in Moscato. She sang it’s praises, as I will do below. But, as you know, I am less a hot-pink pursuer, more a real-red seeker, so I laid claim to Rioja, a blue-based red, and Sherry, an orange-y tomato red. (Disclosure: I received these as gifts.)


(The color that had me at hello: Rioja)

What’s amazing about Cashmere Lip Cream? As the name declares, the formula feels like cashmere; it’s so soft and creamy that it glides on with total ease. It contains fancy sounding Japanese silica powder, which allows for seamless application and prevention of feathering. And as any woman knows: High-pigment lip hues tend to feather—and these are high-pigment lip hues, and they do not drift outside the lines.


(The color that took some getting used to—even for me: Sherry)

The cream-to-powder finish is pretty matte, but it’s not the mattest of matte out there—and that’s OK. It has it’s place in the beauty vernacular. Maybe we’ll call it “matteam,” which is perfect for those who are dipping their toes into matte texture.

My one caveat is the applicator: The wand features a long, rather-flat sponge tip that caught me off guard at first use. It’s a tad limp, which I’m sure provides for ease of use, but I find it takes a little getting used to. That said: Application is simple, and if I need to fix anything, I just go in with a lip brush and fill in anywhere that didn’t get hit with color.

The final word on Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream should go to it’s ability to last without drying out the lips (thanks to a mix of waxes and butters). A few hours into wearing it, you can press your lips together and feel that creamy slip that signals moisture. That is a feat that most matte formulations simply aren’t able to achieve.

All in all: They’re aces. I may just go and buy me the Moscato hue. After all: It’s what started this whole adventure!

Get Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream at

What do you look for in a matte lip hue? Sound off in the comments!

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