Pretty P.O.V.: Benefit Cosmetics Kicks Some Class Tuesday 31 July, 2012

Benefit Cosmetics is looking to school you—in the most beautiful way possible. The brand’s new How to Look the Best at Everything Complexion Kits and three gorgeous Lip and Cheek Kits will have the student becoming the master in no time.

I try to forget how long I’ve been out of school because it’s been a very loooooooong time, though I did go back last summer to study high-end beauty retouching, so my brain was forced to learn once again. But I’m quite excited to re-enter education when the teachers are so darn cool—the teachers being Benefit Cosmetics.

The fun and quirky beauty brand has put together Complexion Kits and Lip and Cheek Kits that bundle some of its most popular products to lend you, the student, foolproof beauty. Each kit includes handy and terribly cute Tips and Trick Cards, showing you how to use the kits’ contents in tandem for your most beautiful you—instantly.

 Benefit Cosmetics How to Look The Best at Everything Kit

(This Benefit How to Look the Best at Everything Complexion Kit looks like a fairytale book on the outside and opens to reveal all of this awesomeness—a true good ending, no?)

The How to Look the Best at Everything Complexion Kits, available in Light, Medium and Deep, feature a start-to-finish philosophy: Prep your canvas with the POREfessional primer; zero-out your skin hiccups with boi-ing concealer; give your complexion a seamless, brightening boost with hello flawless oxygen wow foundation; and top-off your look by setting it with “hello flawless!” powder.

 Benefit Cosmetics Complexion Kit Tips and Tricks Card

The Tips and Tricks cards have that old-school, kitschy ’50s feel to them that the brand is known for, complete with a girl who I assume is wearing bobby socks (but we only see her face). A tip or trick is partnered with each product so you maximize your application, and you can keep the cards attached to your kit (how they come) or tear them off for on-the-go schooling.

 Benefit Cosmetics Sugarlicious Kit

(The Sugarlicious Kit includes Sugarbomb, a real treat of a complexion brightener.)

Now, we all know flawless skin is the canvas to a great makeup design—and I’m a 100% proponent of something like the Complexion Kit, because too often women don’t get their skin right (this woman typing this post has fallen into this category)—but, let’s be honest, the Lip and Cheek Kits are where the true fun’s at. Sugarlicious is about being deliciously bronzed and nude with a rosy cheek; Feelin’ Dandy is a perky pick-me-up with poppy-pink cheeks and lips; and my personal favorite, Go Tropicoral, takes a monochromatic coral approach to lips and cheeks—and is super-gorgeous. Each features high beam, the most skin-transforming highlighter (and, actually, the very first highlighter I was ever introduced to); an ultra plush lip gloss; a corresponding face powder; and one of the brand’s popular “tints“—for instance, Go Tropicoral contains chachatint, a mango-tinted stain that I have used religiously since receiving these kit samples. Like the Complexion Kits, each of these cute bundles contains Tips and Tricks so you can enhance your color application.

 Benefit Cosmetics Go Tropicoral Kit

(Benefit’s Go Tropicoral Kit…laid out on my hotel room bed before I gussied up for my friends’ wedding.)

I took Go Tropicoral for a test-drive at a wedding I attended, pairing it with a purple eye. After mastering the chachatint and high beam tips, my skin literally glowed. And while there’s still always something to learn when it comes to beauty, I think Benefit’s kits are the type of teachers I’ll be kissing up to…often.

You can find these kits today (July 31) online at, and in Sephora stores starting August 1.

Which Benefit Cosmetics Kit would you like to school you?

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