Pretty P.O.V.: Benefit Cosmetics Fake Up Friday 08 March, 2013

Addressing hydration, Benefit Cosmetics Fake Up concealer promises to cover dark circles with a moisturizing formula that stays put for up to six hours.

There are many things I wish for in life: a successful career; a limitless bank account to allow me guilt-free access to any piece of clothing I desire; skin that’s flawless. Well, one of these wishes is starting to come true—and it ain’t the last one.

Yes, I’ll probably forever have spots on my face: a pesky zit there, a hyper-pigmented sunspot over there. My plight is familiar to many, and the best way to ease the pain (and build acceptance) is to cover up every last one of those problem areas with concealer. But this is not always the perfect Band-Aid. Often, the concealer fades, and my speckles and dark circles show through sooner rather than later. Or, the coverage is cake-y and looks like, well, coverage.

Concealers, though blessedly awesome in their purported function (erasing flaws!), don’t always perform well if their canvas is dehydrated. Dry skin results in the following very well-known concealer troubles: settling, cracking and creasing. So Benefit Cosmetics sought to tackle this underlying skin drought problem while simultaneously covering up dark circles with its new Fake Up Concealer.

Benefit Cosmetics Photo Booth

(Having some fun at the Benefit Cosmetics Fake Up launch event with Lorna Solano of The Fabulous Report and Lisa Bensley of Beauty by Benz.)

Fake Up is a doozy: It brandishes that “surprise core” design often found in moisturizing lip products. Only, with Fake Up, the outer core is composed of a slippery smooth blend of vitamin E and apple seed extract that instantly moisturizes skin, while the inner core contains the creamy concealer (available in three colors: Light, Medium and Deep). Benefit’s best beauty gal, Maggie Ford Danielson, tells me at Fake Up’s uber-cute, Sherlock Holmes-ish launch event that the concealer has been tested through and through, and is able to keep skin hydrated up to six hours, which means the concealer stays put for six hours. In turn, you have no creasing, no slipping, no cracking.


(Benefit’s Maggie Ford Danielson was the one who stole all the Fake Ups at the fun mystery event.)

You may be a bit weary of how Fake Up applies; the outer core seems almost like a greasy lip balm when it touches skin. BUT! Within literally seconds of spreading it on, the “hydrating ring’s” ingredients have sunk into skin, leaving behind seamless coverage.


For all intents and purposes, Fake Up is made for the under-eye area where you can sweep it on easily. In fact, this concealer’s formula contains light-diffusing properties as well, making it a dark-circle diva’s dream. But, should you choose to dab it on a blemish here or there, I recommend using a concealer brush if you need precision; due to the hydrating outer ring, it’s not as easy to apply to small problem areas.

So, what do you think? Ready to zap those under-eye circles with Benefit Fake Up?

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