I Link It: Tear Duct Highlighting Trick on Makeup.com Saturday 24 March, 2012

Makeup artist Marissa Nemes shares how you can fake like your awake with these highlighter tips via Makeup.com.

I recently interviewed makeup artist Marissa Nemes for Makeup.com regarding the fastest, easiest, completely non-jittery way to faking like you’re awake: highlighting the tear duct area. Check out Marissa’s first two steps to this awesome art form on Makeup.com.

She also had some insight that didn’t make the cut, but that I want to share with you here. Without further ado…

Adapt Your Application: Start with a light application and build up the intensity only if necessary. If you’re applying a cream-to-powder formula, use your ring finger (for control without too much “push”) to warm the product and lay down the color. If you use a pencil, first dull the point by twirling the tip onto a tissue; this allows for a softer application. Draw on your highlight by tilting the pencil at an angle to avoid eye irritation. If you opt for a powder formula, use a medium angled shading brush to gently pat the powder into place. Whichever mode you choose, “apply the highlighter into the tear duct, as well as a little over and a little under it so that the color evenly widens the eye area,” Nemes says. And for those with overactive tear ducts, Nemes recommends dabbing on a small amount of smudge-proof eye shadow primer (try L’Oréal Paris De-Crease Eye Shadow Base) before the highlighter. “This prevents fading and will lock-in illumination for hours,” she says.

Don’t Overdo It: Yes, you can over-illuminate. But there’s a quick fix for your excess flash: “Simply diffuse it with a clean eye shadow brush,” Nemes says. Trace over your application with the brush, allowing the bristles to lift off some of the intensity. And if your highlighter gunks up your tear duct? “Carefully twirl a cotton swab in the duct to catch any stray highlighter,” she suggests. And there you have it: You’re now wide-awake and ready to rock—well, at least your eyes are!

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