Getting Real: Natalie Garber Goes Monochromatic in Tangerine Wednesday 27 June, 2012

Meet Natalie Garber, the very first “real girl” for Fear No Beauty’s “Getting Real” series. All about approaching beauty trends with a real-world perspective, Getting Real aims to bring real girls out of their beauty comfort zone, and introduce them to trends and products they might not normally try. Plus, it’s fun to see how they fare!

Welcome to “Getting Real,” a new series all about approaching beauty trends with a real-world perspective. Who better to ask to take on the freshest looks than real women (or “girls,” as I like to call them—who says we need to grow up!)? This is an ongoing series for Fear No Beauty, and the aim is to bring real girls out of their beauty comfort zone, and introduce them to trends and products they might not normally try. Plus, it’s fun to see how they fare!

 Real Girl Beauty Natalie Garber

(Natalie after tackling the monochromatic tangerine trend. She did good, right?)

Meet Natalie Garber of Cobble Hill, Brooklyn: art director at an advertising agency by day; lover of nature (she’s originally from Anchorage, Alaska, after all); and avid tennis player on the mean Brooklyn courts.

I put Natalie to the test by inviting her to try out summer’s monochromatic makeup trend, where eyes, cheeks and lips match. And, to make it even more interesting, we spun the trend with hues inspired by Pantone‘s color of the year, Tangerine Tango.

 Natalie Before

(Natalie is a minimalist when it comes to makeup, typically opting for mascara, lip gloss and powder.)

 Real Girl Beauty Tangerine Monochromatic

(The rainbow of tangerine products)

Her background: “Being an art director at an ad agency, I work in a very casual environment. Because I’m in the creative department, everyone wears all sorts of things to work. I can wear what I want—unless I’m in front of a client where I have to be more professional. I tend to dress nicely, but not extremely corporate.”

Her makeup routine: “If I have time, I will put on makeup—sometimes in the taxi on the way to work! I really love eye shadows; I have a lavender and brown I use all the time; they’re soft, subtle—I like a soft eye. Most days, I put on powder, lip gloss and mascara. I’ve been using Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation. It’s expensive, but I noticed hours after applying it, my skin still looks good, so it’s worth it. Some days I don’t wear any makeup at all; that’s mostly determined if I’m running late. I never wear blush; for some reason I never think about it.”

Her makeup mantra: “I like looking natural but also enhancing my natural beauty.”

Her beauty fears: “I’ve been a little afraid to dye my hair because it’s so dark and dry. I feel like I would lose the shine and naturalness to it, so I’m waiting until I go grey.”

 NYX Eye Shadow  Natalie Applying NYX Eye Shadow  Mehron Cheek Cream

Tackling the trend: “I was surprised how natural monochromatic makeup—especially in tangerine—looks because at first you think, ‘Orange is out-there,’ but I guess a lot of skin tones have orange undertones in them, so it makes sense it shouldn’t be too scary. The whole idea of unifying lips with eyeshadow and cheeks feels very natural. I’m surprised at how warm it makes face look. I tend to use more cool colors and stay away from warmer tones.

“It took a couple of tries with different blushes and lipsticks, but the third lipstick (OFRA Cosmetics Peach Glow Lipstick), we got it! Also, like I said, I am not big on blush; I just don’t think about it. So, this is the first time I have used a cream blush and a lip hue (Mehron L.I.P. Cream in Autumn Sun) as a blush! They both blend nicely and you can apply them really sheer. Seeing as I don’t do much with my cheek color, I wouldn’t want a big, heavy cheek, so this is perfect. And I am really shocked that the lip cream works so well on cheeks; I wouldn’t think of doing that.(Note: She first tapped the cream onto her cheeks using her fingers; then she buffed out the color using a blush brush.)

 Natalie Applying Cheek Cream  Natalie Using Blush Brush  Natalie Applying Lipstick  Natalie After

(Natalie rocking monochromatic tangerine makeup)

Yay or nay? “I would definitely try this again. I love the warmth and the soft cheek. It’s a good summer look.”

Fear No Beauty Scale (1 to 10, 10 being easiest): “This is an 8. Pretty easy! Though I did have to blend the cheek a little more.”

Products used: On eyes, NYX Single Eye Shadow in Golden Orange; on cheeks, Mehron L.I.P. Cream in Autumn Sun; on lips, OFRA Cosmetics Lipstick in Peach Glow

Why you too should have no fear: Natalie knocked this one out of the park, and you can too. A monochromatic look is super-easy to achieve in that, typically, you really only need one product that can work triple-time for lips, eyelids and cheeks. One product! (Typically a lip hue or stain.) It doesn’t get easier than that. On the runways, red and tangerine topped the single-shade charts, but in real life, you can simply look to warm tones, like apricot and tawny nudes, to achieve a singular look. If you do choose to step it up a notch, try out a sheer tangerine multi-tasker, like Benefit Cosmetics Cha Cha Tint. To give a little depth to your look, be sure to load up on the mascara and, if you want further definition, add black liner. Natalie got glowing by using highlighter on her brow bone and along her upper lash line—another great way to keep this look from falling one-note flat.

Would you try this monochromatic tangerine look? Do you think Natalie aced it?

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