Fear No: Ultra-Violet Mascara Thursday 27 December, 2012

Dress up a bare face with just a few swipes of eye-brightening cobalt blue mascara. I try Dior Diorshow, Inglot Colour Play and Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash.

I rarely ever stray from my Maybelline Great Lash Mascara (even though right now, as I type this, I have a tube of Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara on deck to volumize my batters). But, as soon as I spotted the ultra-violet lashes on the Fall/Winter 2012 Stella McCartney runway, I knew that Great Lash might have to take a back seat in the greater good of testing hue-infused mascaras.

Why did the sight of vivid cobalt lashes tickle my fancy? Blue accents any eye color, as well as acts as an eye-brightener of sorts, helping to whiten bleary eye whites. (We all get those, you know.) And though the gorgeous violet-tinged blue seen coating lashes at Stella McCartney were of the DIY variety (makeup artist Pat McGrath crafted a custom gel that she stroked on both the top and bottom eyelashes), the quest to find a few ready-to-wear formulations could yield close to the same intensity of hue…I hoped.

So I set out on a quest to find the perfect blue—one that could dress up a bare face with just a few swipes.


In the case of Dior Diorshow in Azure Blue, the creamy blue hue is the brightest of the bunch I tried, and clings to eye fringe in a lush way, but tends to show its shade better when lashed over a base of black mascara. Anybody who’s tried Diorshow raves about it; the rotund brush and clump-free formula are a pair to be reckoned with. (Though I’m a fan of skinnier, longer wands; maneuvering the brush around my wil’o’wisp corner lashes was trying.) And, as an added pleasant bonus: The mascara smells like roses. I kid you not.


With Inglot Colour Play Mascara in 05 (Blue), the shade is not intense in the slightest, so it requires several coats to achieve a hint of cobalt clarity. But, I look at it as a gateway to color: If you’d like to try the trend, but don’t want to jump into it feet first, this is the mascara to test. A long, spindly wand (my fave of the bunch) separates and defines your lashes, so it’s less about volume and more about length.


Less cobalt, more violet, the deep hue of Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash in Dark Blue is one of those jewel tones that packs a sophisticated punch, giving you all the benefits a blue mascara should (eye brightening, eye-color enhancing) without the overt vibrancy of color. The thick formula promises curling, volumizing, lengthening and that tantalizing tone, and surprisingly (because most multitask mascaras lack in a department or two) it delivers pretty well on all fronts. Is it an “ultra-violet”? No, it’s much more subtle and rich in depth. It does pack plenty of pigment and is super-noticeable, but it’s not bright by any means.

 Why you too should have no fear: See the second paragraph above: Blue mascara brings out the beauty of every eye color and will give those who may have partied a little too hard or slept a little too shoddily the advantage of whitening their bleary eyes instantly. With a varying degree of pigments available, you don’t need to go too intense to reap the benefits of a blue lash. But, why wouldn’t you want to go full-on ultra-violet?

 Do you have a blue mascara you love? Would you try this trend? Sound off in the comments!

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(Images via Beauty Launchpad; photo composites property of FearNoBeauty.com)


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