Fear No: Glitter Eye Makeup for Halloween Thursday 31 October, 2013

Glitter Eye Makeup

Looking for last-minute pretty Halloween makeup ideas? Try one of these runway approved glitter eye makeup designs!

I am a fan of glitter. Always have been, always will be. I don’t care if I’m 100 years old; I’m wearing some glitter…somewhere. And I’m thrilled that the runways continue to churn out glitter eye makeup designs that are both blinding and beautiful. I mean, yes, glitter can be kitschy, but these looks are so completely glam, it’s hard not to want to bling-up your eyes in their vein.

And on today, Halloween, those of you who fear glitter in all of its glitz and glory, can wear it with no fear whatsoever. So if you are planning on being an ice princess, fairy or disco queen, here are the three looks that could cap off your costume brilliantly. (And if you just love glitter eye makeup, as I do, you can wear them whenever you darn well please!)


Glitter Eye Makeup: For the Fairy

What’s brilliant about this gorgeous glittering look from the Galliano runway? That it’s not only packing in the fulgent flecks below the crease, but also that a darker, more grounding sparkling grey eye shadow is being drawn up into the brow. It’s a seriously sophisticated way to wear glitter eye makeup, and would make a great accent to any fairy costume.


Glitter Eye Makeup: For the Ice Princess

This layered look comes courtesy of the Thakoon fall runway. Bold bronze glitter was layered over intense sapphire eye shadow. This is a smoldering look that anyone could wear at any time, but if you’re looking to dress up as an ice princess tonight, you may just want to dial up this design for your frozen makeup.


Glitter Eye Makeup: For the Disco Queen

These falling flecks may be on the larger side, but they certainly do call plenty of attention to the eyes. As part of the makeup look from the Chanel fall runway, they stole the show. Any disco queen worth her weight in hustle will want to don a similar look tonight.

Why you too should have no fear: Glitter is F-U-N. It is! And part of playing dress-up for Halloween is having fun. So try one of these looks, and if you feel yourself falling for your flecked-out eye design, you may want to wear it for another night out—sans costume!

What are you being for Halloween? Does it involve glitter? Sound off in the comments!

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 (Images via Style.com)


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