Dropping Knowledge: The Diffused Mulberry Lip Thursday 12 July, 2012

The Body Shop international makeup artist Chase Aston gives the lowdown on how to make fall’s inky mulberry mouth more wearable.

Fall is creeping up on us; even though I am sitting here sweating to death in my dungeon office with no AC (only because I’m trying to save some greenbacks; not because I don’t have one), I’m still giddy with anticipation of cooler months—and some of the very chic beauty trends that will be accompanying them. One of the biggest ones is the blackened berry lip. It seems to have been made a bit more Goth on the runways thanks to that muse of the autumn moment, Lisbeth Salander, the conflicted antihero in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. But when I attended The Body Shop’s Beauty With Heart event, the brand’s international makeup artist Chase Aston gave me the inside track on how to make this inky mulberry mouth more wearable.

 Nicole Farhi Fall 2012 Dark Lip

“I love a mulberry lip, and the best way to achieve it is with two colors: a lovely warm chocolate as your base undertone, and then a lovely brilliant red or rich garnet on top,” Chase shares. “The reason I say use two colors is because layering tones keeps the finished look from looking flat. These deep mulberry hues are very hard colors to create for the face because if you go too dark with the chocolate bit you can just look too Gothic, which can in turn make you look a little bit dead. The deep chocolate just sucks color from everywhere else [in your face]!

“There are several ways to wear fall’s mulberry lip,” he continues. “It can be made fresh and flirty, quite retro or very sophisticated and polished. I prefer it be fresh and flirty. Skip the lip liner; that’s what keeps this look modern.

“Apply your chocolate tone to center of the lips (he’s using a bronze); then apply your red. Soften the color by patting it in with your finger, then pucker your lips a few times. This makes the finish look more natural, like a stain, which I think is more modern. You want it to be less polished if you want it modern.”

Will you be puckering up to Chase’s spin on the diffused mulberry lip?

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(Image via Beauty Launchpad)


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Event Space: The Body Shop Beauty With Heart
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  • Rachel says:

    Nice color, but that’s all I can say. Maybe I’m old-fashioned (even though I just turned 23), but the stained/softened texture of this lip is really . . . annoying. It’s like what cheap lipstick does after you’ve been wearing it for thirty minutes, or like you missed a spot. I just want to tell the model to rub her lips together and smooth it out!

  • admin says:

    Yeah – stains aren’t for everyone. They’re what I call “a look”—similar to using texturizing sprays to look like you have two-day-old hair. Some “looks” just don’t gel with everyone. You’re not old fashioned! 🙂

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