Contest: Win Cover FX Cream Foundation! Wednesday 28 March, 2012

Tell me what your answer is to the question, “How do you define your individual beauty?” and you could win a Cover FX Cream Foundation!

Contest is closed!

Here at Fear No Beauty, I champion the idea of embracing the many different beauty trends out there. In fact, my view is: Push yourself beyond your natural comfort zone from time to time, even if that means rocking a turquoise eyelid…on a TUESDAY…during DAYLIGHT HOURS. (The horror!)

But, you know what? Everyone has their own prescribed take on beauty, and no matter whether you’re adventurous or you simply like to pour over pictures of other people trying out trends, you probably have a definition of what your individual beauty is. Well, myself and Cover FX, a dermatologist-favored makeup brand, want to know from you: “How do you define your individual beauty?”

We’re running a contest based around this question and your answers. Post your answer to this very question, “How do you define your individual beauty?” in the comments area, and I’ll be selecting the top responses to win a full-size Cover FX Cream Foundation ($42) in your perfect shade. (Visit or your local beauty retailer for color matching.)

After I round up your responses and pick the winners, I’ll also do a post featuring the winning responses.

A little ditty about Cover FX Cream Foundation: It’s offered in a global palette of over 30 shades designed to match every skin tone; does not contain oil, fragrances, gluten or parabens; and is safe for even the most sensitive skin. It acts as both concealer and foundation, giving you ultimate coverage. And, it includes an SPF 30—and we all need sun protection!

So post your answer to “How do you define your individual beauty?” in the comments. I can’t wait to read what you have to say!

See contest rules for eligibility!

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  • Shima Farhadi says:

    How do you define your individual beauty?

    I define my individual Beauty first of all based on how I feel inside and about my own self, and match the way I feel inside to my outside. I love it when I can change how I look and feel in just a few minutes, by showing my own taste and fashion to others and by being myself.

  • Michelle McCarthy says:

    I used to think I was OK-looking if not for this or that, but in the end it doesn’t make me feel beautiful.

    Rather than saying “if not for” the things that clash with cultural ideals, but embracing the things that make me unique: the “McCarthy Nose” passed down through the generations of my family, and the broadness of my back and shoulders that make me feel strong like I could lift up a car to saved a loved one. I can find the beautiful woman that I was meant to be: a dreamer, fierce protector, business-woman/fashion designer, nurturing partner… emotional mess at times…

    And at the end of the day when it is just me and my love, he sees me in a way I can hardly imagine – a strong, independent woman – and I don’t need a mirror to believe that I’m beautiful.

  • Jenny Tabb says:

    I feel as though my own individual beauty comes from within. A radiant, glowing force that over shadows any of my physical flaws. A friendly smile, open and accepting attitude and inquisitive eye has taken me so far in life. I find that others are attracted to those qualities. Being a beautiful, confident and loving person on the inside makes me beautiful.

  • Megan says:

    I define beauty by being abstract and having a strength. I love when I see a woman with an off beat sense of style all her own or a gal with a face that is different from the classic beauty. Reference Geena Davis, Helen Bohnam Carter or Siguorny Weaver

  • keesha Pringle says:


  • Ami Patel says:

    Happiness is how I would describe my individual beauty. I don’t think beauty can exist without showing that you are confident and happy in your every day life. Not only are you more positive and vibrant when you’re happy, but you also appear more attractive too.

  • Mia Mantegna says:

    I define my personal beauty as just being myself. I’m a woman, I have feelings inside, and I am just the way I am. I know what I want to be. I have emotions, I feel strong, I am kind. That’s my individual beauty.

  • Michelle Pringle says:

    My personal beauty is: Simple and Carefree. And on a good day (those days where I wake-up and just know everything about me is enough) fucking Badass.

  • I would define my personal beauty as something that comes from within first and foremost. I think how I feel about myself shows on my face and how I present myself whether were talking about my makeup or hair one day. Or putting on a sexy pair of jeans that make me feel good. I like to put effort into my look- regardless of what I’m doing or where Im going. If I feel like shit one day you better believe Im doing my hair and makeup even better on those days!

  • Sam Breen says:

    How do you define your individual beauty?

    For me, I have to feel good on the inside to feel good on the outside. Yes makeup and cute clothing will also make me feel good on the outside, but it counts when you really feel good inside. To be healthy and active is the way to be =).

  • Karen Kohl says:

    my individual beauty comes from my smile. when i’m smiling, the rest fades away. my cheeks glow, my eyes light up, and no one has a smile like mine.

  • Megen Rogerso says:

    I define my individual beauty as a combination of the things that inspire me as well as the people that inspire me. I like to think of it as a combination of Anais Nin in terms of spirit, Pippi Longstocking in Adventure, Quirky and eclectic like my music, Classic and fresh like my art, and Celtic like my roots. I believe that beauty is an outward expression on what inside us that makes us inspired.

  • Jessica Hibbard says:

    My individual beauty is defined by my confidence, the people I surround myself, and the way I let my inner beauty shine through. The way I feel about myself is going show no matter where I am in life. When my confidence is high I feel the most beautiful, like nothing can stop me. The friends and family I surround myself with have a way of pulling my beauty out into the open. My smile, laugh, and the twinkle in my eye is always out when I’m in good company. My inner beauty is what makes me special, the things about myself that are unique. The way I might interpret a song, cry over a part in a movie, or the way a view something in the world. These things let my individual beauty come to light.

  • San D says:

    Individual beauty is the confidence you have to face life’s ups and downs.

  • I have come to terms with my looks the year I turned 30, when I realized I no longer have the energy to be completely superficial. I believe two things: there is no such thing as natural beauty and there are no ugly women, only lazy ones. I gain my confidence through a multitude of amazing beauty products that will carry me through to my 90s. You won’t ever catch this girl without at least mascara and gloss… unless Im in the shower:)

  • SANDY says:

    Noone is the same period, individual beauty is inner and outer beauty- there are some trult beautiful people on the outside I know but are terribly ugly by the way they live, the ugly and dishonest nature. But how I define is how you face life, how you balance life, how you react and respond to life adds to your beauty- people hate wrinkles and gray hair- oh my they add to the beauty of a person- lifes experiences, how life deals it to you and how you react. Individual beauty is how you shine, reflect and respond.

  • Diane Redcay says:

    I define mine by how I feel about myself by the way I eat hold myself in public & at home & being happy

  • Candy Darr says:

    Beauty is as Beauty Does ~ Beauty is from the Inside Out!

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