Casting Call: Illamasqua’s Beauty Before Age Wants You! Tuesday 01 May, 2012

You could be one of the stars of Illamasqua’s Beauty Before Age Campaign. Find out how you can nominate yourself or a loved one to be part of this forward-thinking campaign that stresses the idea that “beauty has no sell-by date.”

I’ve sung my praises of Illamasqua before, but I really must give this cult beauty brand more accolades. Why? Illamasqua is running a contest that spreads a wonderful message. The company is asking for YOU to nominate yourself or a loved one to star in the Beauty Before Age campaign. Here’s a little snippet from the brand’s site:

We’re looking for beauty without limits—age limits. Because for us, beauty has no sell-by date.
That’s why Illamasqua’s new campaign will feature people of all ages.

If you’re someone who has never let age define you, or you know someone who fits that description, please get in touch. We know you’re not ready to blend in—and why should you be?

The company is looking for pairs (think: mom and daughter, best friends, grandma’s and their grandsons) as well as individuals. All that is required of you is:

+ A recent photo of yourself or the person you’re nominating

+ A sentence detailing your relationship with makeup

If chosen, you’ll need to be available to take part in the shoot, held in London May 23 and 24. Don’t worry: Travel and expenses will be covered.

You’ll also win $800, an Illamasqua makeup kit worth $800 and a framed photo done in true Illamasqua form.

Illamasqua creative director (and Fear No Beauty idol) Alex Box leaves you with these words: “Lauren Bacall said ‘think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that’—I agree. What makes one person unique from another is in their soul and what is projected through their eyes, their wisdom, life story, experience, individuality and presence.”

So hurry on over to and start nominating away!

Good luck, ageless (and fearless) beauties!

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