Pretty P.O.V.: Armour Beauty Opaque Lip Gloss Cat Club, Nina and Siouxsie Thursday 12 December, 2013


Seeking bold lip color, but also want infinite shine? Armour Beauty Opaque Lip Gloss delivers both in spades.

Here I’ve gone raving about matte finishers for lips, and you probably think I’ve relegated gloss to a 10th-place finish. I haven’t, and I’m going to prove it to you right now with Armour Beauty Opaque Lip Gloss.

I came across Armour Beauty at The Makeup Show several years ago. The owner, Theo Kogan, has a rock-n-roll sensibility that is enviable; as the front woman for several all-female bands (among them: Lunachicks and Theo and the Skyscrapers) as well as being photo-friendly (she’s a model as well), she puts off a magnetic, cool-girl vibe—I definitely wanted to be wearing what she’s wearing, and obviously she’s wearing her own brand of lip gloss.

So I started my adventure into the glossy side with Hello, a stunning bubblegum pink that is so Mod-perfect, it’s ridiculous. I love it; it’s a strong color, and you have to have a fearless streak in you to wear it. What I also loved about Hello: It was just the right amount of sheen; it wasn’t getting caught in my hair or traveling all over my face. Also, my lips felt good wearing it, thanks to shea butter, grape seed oil, vitamin E and other moisturizing butters and oils. And: As the name dictates, the gloss applied opaque—no small feat for lip gloss. A bright, non-sheer lip gloss is tops in my book.

Seeing my love for Armour Beauty Opaque Lip Gloss in Hello, I expanded my collection to include three more shades that kick up the color quotient: Cat Club, Nina and Siouxsie.


Cat Club: Of the bunch, this mega-pink looks brighter than it actually is. It’s not as opaque as Hello, which makes it less daunting for those who may not be thrill-seeking with their lip color.


Siouxsie: This bold red is a top seller for Armour Beauty, and here’s why: It applies full-coverage and gorgeously glossy. If you want to take it down a notch, you can also wear it as a stain: Just apply and then blot with a tissue.


Nina: This is my favorite of this threesome. A bright, cheery coral, it’s slightly translucent yet still gives lips the juiciest appeal. It can be layered to build up the opacity if you wish.

Why you too should have no fear: I’m always touting matte lipstick as the go-to for beautifully bold lips, but lip gloss can play the part too—especially Armour Beauty Opaque Lip Gloss. As I found, sometimes the color doesn’t read as bright as it does in the tube, but for the most part, it’s more bold than most truly shiny glosses on the market. Lip gloss is perfect for those who may fear matte lipstick because of it’s pigment punch, or who simply don’t like matte finishes due to the formula’s sometimes drying qualities. If I were to rate the four hues I mentioned from boldest to least, I’d rank them thusly: Hello, Siouxsie, Nina and Cat Club. Do with that what you will!

You can pick up Armour Beauty Opaque Lip Gloss in 14 different hues at

Karie L. Frost Signature(Items were gifted to me by Armour Beauty)


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