A-List Beauty: Christina Aguilera on The Voice Thursday 12 April, 2012

Christina Aguilera’s gorgeous transformation on The Voice shocked and awed me. The man behind the makeup, Jake Bailey, shares his tips for the look.

My husband and I are reality TV junkies. He prefers contest-type formats (Project Runway and The Amazing Race are tops on his list); I tend toward the seedier, more guilty pleasures (practically anything on Bravo and TLC). We both sit through the big singing competitions, even as we complain about the judges and the overly produced sets, about how America simply DOES. NOT. KNOW how to vote. And when The Voice came along, we high-fived at how smart the concept was: Blind auditions—what, what! (And, the introduction of CeeLo’s cat, Purrfect, delights me every time. Have you noticed all the paintings of the cat at CeeLo’s lair? From one cat crazy to another: You’re awesome, CeeLo.) Mentoring by the judges? Score! On The Voice, the team concept trumps The X Factor‘s team concept because, well, it’s not really about backstabbing.

Anyway, during the multiple blind auditions shows that seemed to be taped over the course of one day, but played out over several weeks, we couldn’t help but notice judge Christina Aguilera—her disheveled hair and overly oranged skin detracted from her natural beauty. And since this look didn’t change episode to episode, we continued to ogle it, confused as to why she’d want to present herself in that fashion. And then, this past week, a major transformation happened: Christina’s extensions had been sacked in favor of a polished blow-out; her unbecoming bronze banished in favor of smart contouring that helped accentuate what appears to be a little bit of slimming on the starlet’s part (though, maybe she is the same weight; I don’t really care about her weight. But I think that big hair and orange bronzer didn’t do her any favors in that department). My husband and I audibly gasped when she appeared—she’s looking gooood. The peanut gallery had been silenced.

Come to find out that the beauty team behind her look this week is makeup artist Jake Bailey, hairstylist Mark Townsend and nail tech Farah Songhorian (who used Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in Lust-rous, a black with gold flakes!). I have a soft spot for Jake: Eleven years ago or so, I had my first makeup artist interview ever, and it was with Jake. I don’t even recall how it was set up, or how I came into contact with him, but he was so gracious, friendly and informative, it made cutting my teeth as a beauty journalist exceedingly easy. He bolsterd my confidence. Cut to a year later, and I spotted him backstage at a fashion show in New York; he was working on a team sponsored by Bourjois Paris (I believe Charlie Green was the lead, but I may be wrong. Where is Charlie Green these days?). I re-introduced myself, and told him how thankful I was that he’d been so nice—I was a newbie, after all. I was frightened of interviewing at that point, I told him. And, ever the gentleman, he said I did a good job. Ten years passed from that day, and Jake’s star continued to rise, placing him as the makeup artist for Katy Perry, and landing him a celebrity makeup artist deal with CoverGirl. And now here he is, the man behind Christina’s glamorous transformation on The Voice. (Not sure if he was the makeup artist for the orange-y skin look from the blind auditions, but, whatever—she looks gorgeous now.)

 Christina Aguilera Makeup Breakdown The Voice

What did he do? In his own words (via Christinaaguilera.com), he mixed drugstore and prestige brands, and concentrated his efforts on high-impact eyes:

“Monday’s Live show look was all about the eyes. Christina’s eyes are the most beautiful shade of blue so I love to make them stand out. I started by lining her entire eye with an Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero. I then blended a plum cream shadow from Maybelline into the liner and all over the lid. At this point I had already decided I would be working with a neutral palette on the rest of her face so I added a multicolored glitter from Inglot on top of the cream shadow to add a little disco. Cream shadow is ideal for achieving a glittery eye. If you apply the glitter to it while the cream is still moist, the glitter will stick to it. If glitter falls onto your face during application, you can remove it using scotch tape.

“I finished the eye with a strip of lashes from Eyelure’s Naturalites line of false lashes and coated it with Covergirl’s 24/7 mascara. I used Nars Bronzer in Casino to accentuate her cheekbones and swirled Make Up For Ever Sculpting Blush in Iridescent Orange Coral on the apples of her cheeks to add a warm glow. I completed the look by lining the lips in fully with NYX Retractable Lip Liner in Natural followed by Dior Addict Ultra gloss #654, a watermelon gloss, to add color and shine.”

What do you think of Christina’s transformation? Are you as blown away as I am?

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(Photo: Colleen Hayes/NBC)


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  • Lovin' Christina! says:

    Can you do the same thing you did here, but for the dark aqua make-up with black outline she had on for Apr 16’s show where she performed Fighter at one point with her team and the high school choir? I’ve been looking for it all over the internet and NADA.

  • admin says:

    For Christina’s April 16th appearance, this is what Jake Bailey, the makeup artist, says: “Christina’s look tonight was very Rock & Roll so we wanted something dark and edgy on the eyes but with some extra pow since there was a performance and it’s always fun to bring a little something extra for a performance. I’ve done a lot of bright lips but I haven’t done any brights on her eyes yet. We decided on a bright cobalt blue shimmer. I started by lining her entire eye with CoverGirl’s liquiline blast eyeliner in “blue boom”. I then broke off the tip of the same pencil and smushed it onto my hand turning it into a cream shadow which I then blended all over her lid and into the crease of her eye. I then applied a blue glitter from Make Up For Ever to the cream shadow using my fingertip. I used a major set of lashes from Smink and coated them with Diorshow mascara. I used the usual Nars bronzed (“casino”)in the hollows of her cheek and dusted M.A.C. Blush in “pink swoon” on the apples of her cheeks and then lined her lips using Urban Decay 24/7 lip liner in “paranoid” I filled in the lip with a pale pink shimmer lipstick. I used YSL’S rouge pur couture #37 I finished the lip with a tiny bit of a pale beige shimmer gloss. The one i used was Dior Addict ultra gloss glow #216.

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