A-List Beauty: Ali Fedotowsky Spills Her Beauty Secrets Monday 09 July, 2012

While her personality may be described as bubbly, Ali Fedotowsky is far from the stereotypical blonde. In fact, she’s not even a natural blonde! And this bubbly personality has served her well: Leaving The Bachelor and The Bachelorette in the past, she’s now the host of NBC’s weekly travel show 1st Look, where she gets to jet coast to coast. We caught up with Ali and got her to tell us everything—about what’s in her makeup bag, that is.

Like most of America, I immediately liked Ali Fedotowsky the moment she arrived on season 14 of The Bachelor. Maybe it was our shared Massachusetts heritage; I found her to be easily relatable. Or, perhaps it was her confidence and no-nonsense personality: When given the choice between love and career, she lead with her head (probably a smart move). With a season named The Bachelor: On The Wings of Love, I don’t blame her.

I wasn’t surprised when ABC chose Ali as the star of the sixth season of The Bachelorette; her effervescent charisma made her an easy focal point—presumably the same reason she’s been plucked by NBC to host the weekly travel show 1st Look, where she jets coast to coast, and everywhere in between, uncovering America’s coolest locales. With so much constant go, go, go, Ali has mastered the art of a simple, natural look. Her effortless beauty and great taste also captured the eye of OpenSky, a shopping site where she curates a list of her favorite fashion, accessories and—what I love best—beauty. I caught up with her during some of her nearly non-existent downtime and asked her to tell Fear No Beauty all of her secrets—but nothing about those Bachelor/Bachelorette days. We want to know the important stuff: What’s in her makeup bag.


Fear No Beauty: What is your makeup philosophy?

Ali: I can sum it up in two words: fresh face. I believe less is more. A nude or peach lipstick is always the best in making you look effortless.


FNB: Before we get to what’s in your makeup bag, what do you keep all your makeup in?

Ali: I love my wax-coated canvas makeup bag because it has two big compartments so my makeup won’t get ruined.


FNB: How do you begin your makeup routine?

Ali: With Vasseur Skincare. It has everything you need to keep your skin looking and feeling young. I use it during the day for a quick pick-me-up.


FNB: What is your quick fix for blemishes?

Ali: Anti-Zit Match Made in Heaven by Indie Lee (The Blemish Lotion and The Blemish Stick). I use the lotion and dab it on at night. I actually stick it in my purse and apply it throughout the day.

 Ali Fedowtowsky Skin Essentials

FNB: Do you have any absolute must-have, go-to makeup products?

Ali: Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer. I love looking sun-kissed in the summer, but I’m not one to lie in the sun all day long. I put this on my cheekbones and then a little bit all over my face. I also love Sue Devitt’s Kenya Eye Intensifier, which makes my eyes really pop and glides on smoothly for a fool-proof application. It’s also waterproof and smudge-resistant. For my lashes, I can’t live without Ellis Faas Mascara. I start at the bottom of my eye and wiggle my way to the top. I like to coat my lashes a lot, which is what’s great about this mascara—it doesn’t clump no matter how many coats you do. I also love a nude lip because it’s such a sexy, natural and fresh look. I use Rain Cosmetics‘ lip glosses.


FNB: With all the travel that you do, what are the top three beauty items that are vital to your routine?

Ali: Highlighter pen (she favors Ellis Faas Lights Highlighter Pen). I use certain products to highlight parts of my face in order to help contour it. Honestly, this is something I didn’t even know existed before getting into the entertainment industry. Now, I’m obsessed with learning new contouring techniques! I also have to have my Vassuer Day 25 Cream skin lotion. I cannot stress how much I like to be tan and I cannot stress EVEN MORE how I never go in the sun without SFP lotion on. I really love this particular lotion because it doesn’t dry sticky and it smells so good! I put it on every morning before I put on my makeup. And I think a great mascara is necessary no matter where I am. I’m all about the lashes. I couldn’t live without great mascara.

 Ali Fedotowsky Ellis Faas Mascara

FNB: Is there a new beauty trend that you’re looking to try?

I kind of want to go ombré so I don’t have to die my hair so often.


FNB: Is there anything, beauty-wise, you aren’t that into?

Ali: You know, I rarely use eye shadow and don’t use dark eye shadow at all! I just don’t know how to use it. I try to learn, but every time I try to do my eye shadow, I end up looking like I’ve gotten punched in the eye! So I try to stick to a light shimmer or nothing at all.


FNB: What can we expect next from you? Any plans to launch your own beauty line?

Ali: I am hoping to start a fashion line soon because I’m not a size-zero-Hollywood type. I’m a normal-size girl. What looks good on Kate Moss doesn’t look good on me. There are so many silhouettes that work well and I want to make pieces that work for all women.


FNB: At Fear No Beauty, we champion being fearless with your beauty. So we have to ask: What does fearless beauty mean to you? 

Ali: What you think is beautiful is beautiful. Who cares what other people think! I like effortless, natural beauty. I worked at a motivational camp for kids and we taught them that you shouldn’t have a fear of your images. “No fimage” (Fear of Image) was the camp slogan.

All beauty items are available on Ali’s OpenSky page. —Jillian E. Sorgini



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