Service Scout: Aveda Full Spectrum Saturday 21 January, 2012

I take Aveda’s newly reformulated, 96% naturally derived Full Spectrum haircolor for a whirl. The results: Hair that’s softer than ever, and color that’s remarkably shiny and vibrant—even one month later.

Last May, I was invited to sit in on the photo shoot for Aveda‘s newly revamped Full Spectrum haircolor line. If you’re familiar with Aveda, you know that the imagery the brand creates is out-of-this-world gorgeous. The Full Spectrum shoot was no exception.

Several months later, and I’m looking at my “sparkle highlights” (read: greys) in the mirror. I had just completed writing an exclusive feature about Aveda Full Spectrum for Beauty Launchpad, and this haircolor was sounding like the remedy to my increasingly drab, greying roots. And I should note, when I write about haircolor, I tend to focus a bit more on my own color. Because, like everyone else out there, sometimes I’ll just choose to ignore that I am sprouting roots. But not when I’m writing about haircolor. It becomes an obsession.

 Aveda Full Spectrum Beauty Launchpad January 2012

I decided to drop in to the Aveda Vandam Salon in NYC (20 Vandam Street) to experience Full Spectrum, which utilizes conditioning certified-organic oils and strengthening soy protein. Following Aveda’s botanical approach to beauty, this haircolor is 96% naturally derived—which means it’s virtually free of damaging chemicals. And, the results are fade-resistant, which means they’re long-lasting. So, you’re telling me it softens hair, strengthens it, colors it to a better version of itself, and doesn’t fade? I’m in!

Aveda Mentor Stylist Carol Wood colored my hair, and we decided on tending to the top of my head where the “root” of the problem lies, and pulling some of that color through the middle, but leaving my ombré ends alone. We chatted about our blogs (hers is and, oddly, nails (I talked a lot about my obsession with glitter), and I have to say: The color didn’t aggravate my scalp one bit. After the haircolor processed and she rinsed it out, I sidled up to stylist Kyle Krieger for my “air cut.” Oh, you don’t know what an “air cut” is? Neither did I. But as I described what kind of trim I wanted to Carol, she told me, “You want an ‘air cut.’ It’s when you cut more air than you do hair.” Which was true: I wanted the faintest of faint trims because my hair was longer than it had ever been, and I was fearful of losing my ombré ends.

Once I was in Kyle’s chair, though, I received the talking-to that I truthfully needed. My ends, Kyle noted, were very jagged and damaged from all the bleaching I’d been indulging in. And, for hair to grow, you need to show those ends some TLC in the form of frequent trims. I didn’t protest…eventually. Like any slightly bullheaded hair-lover, I had an unnaturally deep bond with those ends. I didn’t want to see them go. But, I gave in; my air cut evolved into a hair cut. As Kyle cleaned up my locks, I started divulging all of my hair atrocities, especially the one where I put my wet hair up into a bun before I go to sleep…EVERY NIGHT. Kyle looked at me in shock. He explained that when hair is wet, the cuticle swells; hair seems longer, bigger, etc. But when it dries, the cuticle shrinks back to normal size—and if your hair is pulled up into a bun during this drying process, the shrinkage can cause breakage due to being locked into place by a hair elastic. Damn. Guess who stopped wearing a wet bun to sleep?

When my hair was blown-out, the color shone so brightly and beautifully, it felt like it wasn’t MY hair. It was like when you do those online hair makeovers, and you plop a celebrity’s hair on your photo, and magically you have their hair now—if only virtually? Well…this was reality. It was MY hair. The shine: mirror-like. The feel: so soft, my hair “fabric” was in better condition than when I got there. And then, a month later, I settled into another stylist’s chair on a completely different coast, and he asked me, “What do you color your hair with?”

“Aveda Full Spectrum. Why?” I asked.

“Because it is insanely shiny. It looks great,” he remarked, running his fingers through my silky strands. Wow; one month later, and my haircolor was eliciting praise from a hair pro. That makes Full Spectrum tops in my beauty book.

Visit to experience Full Spectrum at an Aveda salon near you.

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