Red Carpet Beauty: Kelly Osbourne at the 2012 Golden Globes Wednesday 18 January, 2012

Kelly Osbourne Golden Globes 2012

Kelly Osbourne becomes the exception to the red carpet rule at the 2012 Golden Globes: Be a daredevil with your haircolor (in her case, lavender-silver)—and pull it off beautifully.

Somehow I convinced my husband to watch “Fashion Police” on E!—mainly because it was the Golden Globes special edition and I swore I was doing research, but also because he (secretly) finds Joan Rivers’ quick quips funny and he thinks Giuliana Rancic is hot. So he doth not protest.

As we watched (and threw in our own two cents—i mean, I liked Dianna Argon’s Giles dress!), I found myself staring at Kelly Osbourne. Mostly, I couldn’t draw my eyes away from her hair. I’ve seen her backstage at Fashion Week, and she is a tiny little thing with a huge presence, but she didn’t have this hair when I saw her last—this glistening halo of pearlescent lavender, pink and silver. In my book, this hue is the epitome of “fearless” beauty. I love it. I adore it. And now, I know who did it.

Editorial stylist Judd Minter glossed Kelly’s locks gray-lavender using Sebastian Professional Cellophanes in Violet to complement her royal blue Zac Posen dress. But you want to know what is special about what Judd did—and what Kelly continues to do? He took this hue and he styled it to perfection. It’s sheen-packed; every sloping angle glistens. And when Kelly was doing her day-after round-up of red carpet style “bests” and “worsts” on “Fashion Police,” her hair boasted shiny curls that didn’t look “punk” or “avant garde” as one would typically ascribe to such a daredevil hair hue. Her hair looked glamorous and polished. I think this is the key to wearing noncomformist haircolor—and wearing it well. But I’ll get into that in a later post…

Back to Kelly and Judd, and how they got this look.

 Kelly Osbourne Purple Silver Hair for Golden Globes


Kelly Osbourne: hair by Judd Minter

(Products Used: Sebastian Professional)

 Overall Inspiration: “Glamorous; upswept hair that brings classic beauty with an edge,” Judd says.

Get the Look:

1.  Rake Sebastian Professional Thickefy Foam through hair from roots to ends using your fingers, and then brush through.

2.  Sectioning the hair, use a large round brush to blow-dry hair smooth. “Thickefy Foam will be your new best friend,” Judd admits. “I always like to use this because, no matter what style I’m doing, it lasts longer and you can still brush through the style the next day.”

3.  With a boar bristle brush, brush hair back into a tight, smooth ponytail right below the occipital bone.

4.  Apply a bit of Sebastian Professional Cellophanes, in violet, for unexpected pops of color, and twist the length of the hair around to make a nice, sophisticated bun.

5.  Pin the bun into place. “The sign of a beautifully done updo is never to be able to see your pins!” Judd says. “Take some small hair pins and ‘fish hook’ one side of the pin. The hook will anchor the pins so they never slide out. Then, with one hand, lightly push your bun against the head and flatly place the bent hooks on your bun attaching it seamlessly for a structured look.”

6.  Finish the look with Sebastian Professional Shaper Zero Gravity hairspray to set the style.


Would you test-drive this violet-silver haircolor? (I know I would!)

Karie L. Frost Signature


(Photos: Celebutopia)


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