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Looking for the best of beauty, but not wanting to put all your eggs in one basket, or have to cross-reference tons of variables? Enter Rank & Style, which serves as the Consumer Report for all things beauty. Ranking now: 10 best hair oils.

Not too long ago, I needed a DSLR camera. I know nothing about DSLR cameras—just that they take pretty pictures, and if I, too, want to take pretty pictures, I needed one. My first plan of action: Do an internet search. I Googled “top DSLR cameras” and, sure enough, a page of “Top DSLR” lists appeared. From there, I was able to cross-reference myriad lists until I had my choices whittled down to a top three. And then I trekked to the camera store and discussed the options.

Funny how if you’re seeking something tech—like an HD TV, perhaps—you can find list after list of what to buy and what to avoid. In fact, I just watched a Consumer Report editor divulge that the magazine spent $2 million dollars on high-def TV research—$2 million!—so that you’d have a nice and tidy list of the top of the top to choose from. No digging for you!

But what about beauty? Yes, it can be subjective, but let’s be honest: Performance accounts for a good chunk of why you buy a beauty product, as do peer and pro recommendations. How do you find the top of the top? Through a trusted blog? Via a magazine? By reading the reviews on an e-commerce site? By doing what I did: Google search for the top choices, only to have a ton of lists returned to you that you then must cross reference? It’s a lot of research that maybe you don’t have time to do.

Enter Rank & Style. The site uses an algorithm that takes all of what I just mentioned—blog reviews, reviews on e-commerce sites, editor-approved lists and more—blends them together and then spits out a list of the true top 10 of either beauty items or fashion pieces. The idea is that the lists are data-driven and completely unbiased; they are, in essence, based on hard numbers—and numbers do not lie.


I’m in love with this idea—so much so, that I’ll be talking with them from time to time to see what’s ranked highest for fearless beauty products. And since I am a bit of a savant when it comes to hair oils, having tried gobs of them, there’s no time like now for giving Rank & Style a whirl.

What you should know about me: I wear hair oil every single day. It’s the single most versatile product—a conditioner, a detangler, a shine agent, a finisher, and a cleanser all in one. That being said…here are the ones that stand out to me on Rank & Style’s Top 10 Hair Oils list.


#1 Moroccanoil Treatment: I’m not surprised by the #1 ranked oil; everyone loves it. Plus, it’s like the granddaddy to them all; you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of it. Personally, I find it a bit too heavy for my finer hair, so I opt to use their newer, lightweight formula.


#5 Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Mist: This is a dry oil, allowing it to be extremely weightless and absorb quickly. I like that it’s a spray, rather than a straight-up pour-it-from-the-bottle oil; it gives you a bit more control over how much you apply and how evenly you apply it; finer-haired girls may do well to try this one on for size.


#6 Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment: This is my all-time fave hair oil, so I’m kind of sad to see it didn’t break the top 5. That’s OK though; more for me! (I kid.) It smells amazing; and though it feels a little thick to the touch, it disappears moments after you apply it, leaving a path of shine—minus any grease—behind.

Visit rankandstyle.com to discover the rest of this list; there are some mega-affordable offerings, plus some out-of-left-field ones that I’m rather pleased to see made it into the top 10!

Do you have a hair oil you love that didn’t make the top 10? Share it in the comments!

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