Pro Logic: Find Your Most Flattering Side Part Monday 21 January, 2013

Loving all the side parts you’re seeing on the red carpet and Spring 2013 runways? Find you how to create your best parting so you can rock these styles perfectly!

The spring 2013 runways absolutely chose sides when it comes to hairstyles—side parts, that is. And as somebody who loves the middle divide (I pretty much started wearing a center part when I discovered how to create S-waves, and I really haven’t turned back), I’ve been a little bit timid about how to go about choosing the best side part for my practically one-length hair. You’d think parting your hair on the side would be innate; at least if you have a cowlick along your front hairline, you know your hair likes to fall one way (even if you don’t want it to). But choosing a best side part—the key word being “best”—takes some practice. And, with so many different types of side parts popping up on the runways, learning how to part your hair properly will only allow you to enjoy and look amazing in all of the various “splits” that are now in vogue.


(The Daks Spring 2013 look: Severe, smooth and sleek—perfect for showing off the face.)

So how do you find your most flattering side? You base your side part on your facial features, says Eufora Global Educator and Stylist Jeffrey Mayo. But, before you get started, make sure to shampoo and condition your hair, and then Jeffrey recommends spraying a repairing treatment, such as Beautifying Elixirs Leave-In Repair Treatment, on towel-dried locks. Dry your hair how you like (rough dry with fingers or with a brush). Then, Jeffrey recommends gathering these side-part instruments:

+ A mirror

+ A piece of paper

+ A comb

+ Styling products


(The Chloé Spring 2013 look: Messy, sweeping and piece-y—perfect for exuding cool-girl mystery.)

Now that your hair is dry, Jeffrey directs you to his top four tips for dividing and conquering the season’s sexy side part.

Step 1: Everyone has a strong side and a weak side of their face. To find it, look in the mirror and hold up a piece of printer paper to one side of the face.

Step 2: Now, move the paper to the opposite side and notice the features on that side as well. Move the paper back and forth between the two sides of the face until the slight differences between the symmetry of the features are noticeable.

Step 3: The side that has more features turned in the upward direction is the stronger side of the face. This is the side that should be kept exposed when deciding on a hairstyle, meaning the heavier side of the part should always go against the weaker side of the face.

Step 4: Once the side is chosen, to make a perfect side part, try combing from the outside corner of the eye in the front, to the middle center in the back to ensure symmetry in the hairstyle.


(The Hervé Léger Spring 2013 look: Tight, clean and braided—perfect for adding interest with simplicity.)

To finish the look, Jeffrey suggests running a pomade or cream, such as Beautifying Elixirs Control Crème, along the sides of your parting to hold down flyaways. Make sure to choose a product that won’t leave behind a stiff or sticky feel, and be careful to steer clear of a too-oily product. (After all, your parting is located at the oiliest part of your hair: your roots.)

Now you have your best side part that can be adapted to any style you like—and, thankfully, there are numerous ones from which to choose!

Do you wear your hair side-parted or center-parted? Any great tips to share for how you choose your parting? Sound off in the comments!

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