Pro Logic: Cat Deeley’s Colorist Shares the 411 on Surfer Highlights Wednesday 25 July, 2012

Celebrity hairstylist Negin Zand at Sally Hershberger Los Angeles shares how you can rock the hair hue of the summer: surfer highlights.

Craving subtly sun-kissed locks, but finding that the only “light” your hair sees is the fluorescent glow from your desk lamp? I feel your pain. Most of us can’t spend the money or our entire summer vacationing on the beach (though it’s nice to dream), and still others can’t even steal enough moments away from their dark and dreary work cubicles to enjoy the sun necessary to make a difference.

But fear not! You can still sport those beach-begot highlights, says Negin Zand, celebrity hairstylist at Sally Hershberger Los Angeles—and you don’t even need the beach. Negin readies her clients (she counts So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deeley as one) for summer with what she calls “surfer highlights,” which “are more natural-looking, more like children’s haircolor,” she explains. “Surfer hair is darker at the roots and gets gradually lighter at the bottom.” While typical highlights are more structured, surfer highlights are less woven and sectioned to reflect how the sun would naturally “kiss” hair.

Why do you want surfer highlights? Quite simply: They’re quintessential for an effortlessly chic summer look; the service to make them yours is incredibly simple (no foils!); and, even more importantly, the maintenance is so easy, even a chill surfer might possibly sign on to try them out. Here’s what you need to know (and ask for!).

Like most stylists, Negin begins the process with a consultation to determine if you have any pre-existing color (which affects how she’ll process your haircolor); to find out where you part your hair (for the most natural-looking placement); and to assess if you have any grays (which she will cover first prior to highlighting). After the nitty-gritty (and very necessary) consultation, Negin begins the process of Balayage. “Balayage is a classic method that’s timeless,” she says. At the root, the color is applied very lightly with a sweeping motion of the hand, which yields a more unprocessed look. As the colorist paints down the hair, the color becomes more saturated from the mid-lengths to ends. But for Negin, “Less is more. Natural is always better-looking than ‘done.’”

 “Sally Hershberger Hyper Hydration Super Keratin Spray

Envisioning long, lustrous locks like Cat Deeley’s when you think of these “surfer” strands? That came to my mind too, but if you have a bob like I do, Negin swears you can still be surfer-chic—if you know what to ask for. “Don’t do too much (Balayage) in the back,” Negin warns. “Ask your colorist to lightly brush the back of your hair with Balayage for a little shimmer; this way, your hair’s not too light on top and too dark in the back. [If you have a bob,] you just need length on top for this look. I suggest also asking your colorist to ‘tip’ the ends with highlights.”

In true surfer style, the maintenance to this haircolor is as easy and carefree as the look. Negin says that her clients who wear surfer highlights year-round only come in for a touch-up three times a year, max. That’s something this blogger could easily get behind! However, Negin stresses that taking care of your color is key. If you’re lucky enough to get thee to the beach, make sure you protect your tresses. Nothing fades color faster than the sun. (Isn’t that ironic? Protect your surfer highlights from…the sun!) Negin sends her beach-bound gals packing these two must-haves: “Sally Hershberger Hyper Hydration Super Keratin Spray is a light, leave-in remedy that repairs any damage using a high level of keratin and silk to replenish and restore hair, and Shu Uemura Art of Hair Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil has SPF to protect hair from UV damage.”

For those looking to try this trend, heed Negin’s fearless beauty mantra: “Confidence is key. You wear the hair; the hair doesn’t wear you.” Jillian E. Sorgini

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