Pretty Peek: Rachel Zoe Debuts DreamDry Blow-Dry Bar Thursday 07 March, 2013

Fashion stylist Rachel Zoe enters the beauty game with the introduction of her first blow-dry bar in Manhattan, DreamDry.

Did you watch The Rachel Zoe Project season debut last night? I hate to admit I’d forgotten my favorite fashion stylist would be hitting the airwaves again, and was instead plugging my ears while watching American Idol (which we specifically DVR to fast-forward through “awkward” moments, and this season has plenty of those).

Beyond the fact that I’ll be tuning in to watch this power stylist do her thing, it seems now I can experience a pinch of her pixie dust right here in NYC: Rachel Zoe is extending her reach beyond the fashion world by teaming with marketing expert Robin Moraetes to open a high-concept blow-dry bar, DreamDry. Apparently, this will be a chain (as the best blow-dry bars tend to be), and the first location is in Manhattan’s Flatiron neighborhood (35 West 21st Street). At a sizeable (by NYC standards) 2,600 square feet, the salon oozes Zoe appeal, from the black and white palette to the silver accents to the styling brand she’s choosing to stock, Oribe Hair Care.


Now, I mentioned this is “high-concept;” we’ve seen blow-dry bars, and the best ones tend to deliver a long list of different styling options—all done with the heat of a blow-dryer. Yet DreamDry seeks to take the experience a step further, catering to the woman on-the-go (all services are 40 minutes or less) by offering personalized e-service. In this age of online connectivity, this could make a huge difference for busy ladies who can’t spare a moment to themselves. When guests arrive, they’re greeted with an iPad at check-in—but it doesn’t stop there: You get to hang onto that iPad for the duration of your visit to check out the electronic menu, browse hairstyles and even find inspiration in the latest trend reports. (If you didn’t know, Zoe has a very popular online site,, that culls this fashionista’s best fashion and beauty finds into one place.) As the cherry on top, you can even complete your checkout at your chair through the DreamDry concierge. Now if that’s not efficiency, I don’t know what is. I mean, who wants to wait in line? Those are precious minutes, people!


Zoe and Moraetes have another trick up their sleeve: the client “after” photo. After your style has been rendered, you’ll take an “after” photo that will be uploaded to the DreamDry Dossier, an online database storing client profiles, full styling history, post-appointment photos, rewards points balance and much more. This not only makes your life easier, but your stylist’s too.

Oh, yeah: rewards points. Because customer loyalty is paramount in any business—and should especially be in the beauty biz—DreamDry offers a loyalty program where you accumulate points for every dollar spent, earning you complimentary blowouts, products, access to VIP events and more.


For Zoe, DreamDry is a natural progression to her burgeoning empire. “A hairstyle is like an outfit—it deserves care and attention, and every day allows for a new twist on your own self expression. Whether you’re about sexy waves, a polished chignon or a playful braid, DreamDry makes dream hair a daily reality,” she says. “I am so excited to help create a destination that allows women to have fun with their personal style and to enjoy being glamorous every day.”

And I did say this will be a chain: The second location will be opening in Midtown Manhattan on 57th Street next year.

Book your appointment at Maybe you’ll even bump into Zoe!

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