Pretty P.O.V.: Texture-testing blowPro Beach Blow Texturizing Mist Thursday 26 July, 2012

What’s all the fuss about surrounding texturizing sprays? I test out blowPro Beach Blow Texturizing Mist to see how this texturizing spray performs.

This is shameful: Prior to the contents of this blog post, I had never tried a texturizing spray. Never. And I work at a hair magazine.

But the more that those effortless, beach-y waves continue to dominate beauty, the more interested I became in truly creating them. See, the waves I’d become accustomed to creating always appeared more glossed and glam than just-out-of-the-ocean chic, and I wasn’t sure why. And now I know (thanks Joshua Barrett!): It appears the step I’d been skipping is texturizing spray.

What is texturizing spray, really? In a nutshell, texturizing spray adds grit and girth to the hair by way of a thickening agent, typically sea salt, and encourages your hair to take on a naturally wavy pattern. So, it’s really not unlike dipping your head in the ocean and calling it a day, right? Well…no. See, we all know what it feels like to spend a day with our tresses surfing the waves: Our hair feels heavy, dreaded and, worst of all, dry. This is where texturizing sprays kick ocean water’s butt: You can control how weighted-down they make your hair by, duh, not spraying on as much; your hair won’t dread…unless you’re not brushing your it; and, most importantly, the newest formulations are infused with moisturizing and replenishing ingredients, so your hair may feel gritty (in a good way!), but it won’t be thirsty.

I’ve decided to dedicate my mane to texturizing-spray testing—in the name of finding that perfect beach-y wave. First up: blowPro Beach Blow Texturizing Mist.

 Texture Test BlowPro Beach Blow Texturizing Mist

First off: I love this bottle design. As you know, I am a sucker of what I like to call “shiny objects”—package design that is slick, clean, cute, whatever. The tumbling letters on this bottle are adorable. They’re being “blown”…get it? But let’s talk about what’s inside this bottle: To keep hair manageable and from feeling fried, a blend of rice, sweet almond and milk proteins promise to soften and feed hair moisture. It also has texturizing spray’s calling card, dead sea salt, and the level of saltiness in this spray lends a surprising amount of tack and grit. I sprayed a probably too-generous amount on my damp, clean hair; my hair immediately felt too heavy. Rough-drying it took some of the heft away while really expanding my natural waves, and I was able to go back in on any too-straight sections with my T3 Micro SinglePass Whirl wand and “whirl” away.

What was great: If I didn’t go overboard, there wasn’t any crunch, and the curls I created with my wand after having sprayed in the texturizer retained serious shine, despite the sea salt. As I got more familiar with Beach Blow, I realized it’s best to use a light hand; a few spritzes are all you need. I’ve even used it to revive day-old waves…and sometimes two-day-old waves (she says, sheepishly), and I personally don’t feel like my hair looked dirty. (Though, dear readers, here’s something you need to know about texturizing sprays: This is a “look.” Your hair will be a little fuzzy, a little heavier. It will have that word I keep using, “grit.” If you don’t like your hair to look lived-in, maybe texturizing sprays aren’t for you.) The fragrance isn’t beach-y, but smells quite clean and crisp, yet floral. And let me tell you this: On my recent trip back to LA, the day I used Beach Blow, I received what us beauty lovers covet most—compliments, from three separate co-workers, about how great my hair looked, and what did I do different from the day before? I sprayed in Beach Blow, that’s what.

The Texture Test


Grit Factor (1 to 5, 5 being grit-grit-gritty): 4. It’s up there. If you spray too much, you will get some crunch. Use a light hand, or things will get sticky, fast.

Smell: Clean and floral

Wave Control: Massive. This will make your textured waves amplify.

Moisture: So-so. I did feel like my ends appeared dry, but, truth be told, I think that is a sad side effect of texturizing sprays. My roots to mid-lengths retained shine, which is a great feat to achieve.

BlowPro Beach Blow Texturizing Mist is available at

Next to test: Kevin.Murphy HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY Beach look texture spray.

Would you take blowPro Beach Blow Texturizing Mist for a whirl?

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