Pretty P.O.V.: Sultra The Bombshell Cone Friday 30 November, 2012


Sultra The Bombshell Cone Rod Curling Iron is the perfect wand for the S-waving newbie. Let me explain.

I’ve spoken quite extensively to anyone who will listen about how curling wands have changed my life. So I’m always game to try a new one on for size—especially if it has an interesting hook. Enter Sultra’s The Bombshell Cone Rod Curling Iron. See, The Bombshell Cone has the wand shape that I like—conical (the wand’s base is fatter and gets skinnier as you make your way to the tip). So, it’s already on the path to buttering me up.

(As an aside: Conical isn’t for everyone, as I just learned the other night when talking to a friend who quite prefers a regular curling iron barrel—uniform from tip to base—for her loose S-waves. She feels a conical shape produces too tight of a curl for her hair; I beg to differ from my own experience, but this goes to show that everyone has different styling tastes. For me, this particular wand produces fabulous waves; if you want something looser, just use a bigger section of hair.)


But more than just the shape, The Bombshell Cone has something I have not seen before: a tire-tread-like grip. Let me explain: The rod’s barrel isn’t smooth, like most curling apparatuses. Rather, it has “No-Slip ThermaGrip” traction on it, which can best be described as looking like a tire tread. The idea is that your hair won’t slide off the rod if you don’t want it to, allowing you more control over what you’re doing. For the newbie wand-user, this is a great thing. For me, however, a seasoned pro (ha!), I feel the tread grips too much at times, and as I slide the curl off the rod, some bits are caught by the traction, breaking up my curl. This doesn’t happen all the time, mind you; I’d say it’s a 25% occurrence. But it does happen.

The Bombshell Cone is exceedingly easy to maneuver and very light, and with just one button and no temperature gauge, it’s essentially foolproof. It has ceramic technology, which means that it more evenly heats hair from the inside out, allowing your hair to retain moisture (i.e. not dry out). One thing to note: Make sure your hair is 100% dry before curling. If there’s any dampness in your hair, the tread will imprint on your waves…which looks kinda cool, but may not be what you’re going for.

So if you need a little added grip to create your sinuous S-waves, try out Sultra The Bombshell Cone Rod Curling Iron, available at

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