Pretty P.O.V.: Mark Double Do Shape and Gloss Kit Friday 01 June, 2012

The Mark Double Do Shape and Gloss Kit swivels and flips its way into my handbag—and into my innovation-loving heart.

As a beauty editor, I see thousands of products; some speak to me by way of a new ingredient with claims that get me all giddy; others are marketed in such a way that I simply find them to be very clever—very clever indeed; and still others are things I’ve never seen before that cause me to thank the gods of innovation. This last class of products is the one we beauty editors always chase, and it can be as simple as a polish color that truly hasn’t yet seen the light of day on anyone’s digits (but you know it will because, again, it’s never been seen before), or as complicated as an electric device that zaps zits in an instant.

Or, as the case was at the Mark Blow Dry Bar event (more on that in another post) held at Milk Studios in NYC, the visionary product that set hearts aflutter is a compact that contains a hair wax and glosser. Wait—this doesn’t sound revolutionary to you? Well, trust me: It’s all in how it’s packaged.

 Mark Double Do Shape and Gloss Kit

The Mark Double Do Shape and Gloss Kit is a snappy little compact that houses a full side of solid gloss, meant for smoothing those pesky flyaways that flap their wings throughout the day or adding shine to frizzed-up ends, and a full side of shape & hold wax, meant to give your strands some definition or piece-y-ness (a real asset when you’re sporting beachy waves). Now, this all seems rather normal, but it just isn’t. Trust me! What is unique is the compact: It houses a convenient mirror that is decently sized so you’re not preening cross-eyed, but even that isn’t what’s outstanding—what’s outstanding is it’s swivel plate. The what? Yes: On one side of this plate is the gloss; flip it up, swivel it, and on the other side, you have your wax. I played with this over and over; it was hypnotizing. What this all means is: You have a good amount of product that is convenient to access, making styling your hair on-the-fly incredibly simple.

Now, about that gloss and wax. When I spoke with the good people of Mark, they were emphatic about the fact that they want to bring performing, high-quality ingredients to their products, yet still offer them at a lower price point. So the gloss is imbued with muru muru butter and amla, while the wax contains nourishing babasu and camu camu oils. Neither is heavy—though, as with most of anything in life, you can overdo it if you are constantly applying either throughout the day. They both smell amazing—as do the rest of the products in the new line—and I can’t pinpoint the exact scent, but I’d say it’s slightly sweet with a hint of floral.

The one thing that might give you pause when you first start using the compact is, well, which side is which? They both look similar, so how do you know if you’re using the wax or the gloss? Tactility and color will aim you in the right direction: The wax is more solid and slightly more beige, while the gloss is less stiff and has a greenish tint.

And there you have it: A new and exciting beauty product. Let’s see more of this, please!

The Mark Double Do Shape and Gloss Kit is available at or through a Mark representative.

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