Pretty P.O.V.: KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry Saturday 28 January, 2012

KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry promises to cut down on Jillian S.’s blow-drying time by 50%. Could this mean she can sleep in an extra 10 minutes each morning? As she discovers, you can buy time…blow-drying time, that is.

Hair envy: We’ve all been there, pining for our straight hair to be curly, our short locks to be long. I’m as guilty as the next, but my envy extends to women who don’t have to style their hair, those whose morning routine involves showering, applying makeup, and simply brushing their hair—no heat-styling tools required.

As luck (or a lack of luck) would have it, I wasn’t fortunate enough to be born with air-dry hair. My blow dryer is as essential to my hair as food is to, well, living. I’ve tried every trick, but I really haven’t found a substitution for a good blow out. And therein lies the problem: Blow-drying alone consumes my morning routine, gobbling up a vital 20 minutes I could be doing something else. (Sleep, perhaps?) As you know, those precious 20 minutes in the morning are crucial. I’ve tried to cut corners—applying my makeup on the train, styling my hair the night before—basically everything short of shaving my head.

And then, I discovered KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry, a simple spray designed to cut drying time in half.

The skeptic in me asks, “Could a product really save me that much time?” The beauty tester in me said, “Try the product; find out!” After spraying Free Shape Quick Blow Dry into my towel-dried hair, it took me a little under 10 minutes to blow-dry, thanks to water-repelling silicone. Simple math says that’s less than half the time I previously spent laboring over blowing my strands straight. That alone makes me happy. But, there’s more: Free Shape also doubles as a heat protector—a total bonus when you’re a slave to the blow-out. And unlike some of the blow-dry oils and serums that leave my hair straight, but also greasy and lank, this lightweight spray made my locks look healthier, bouncier and shinier than ever. Free Shape also has a light conditioning system, which my tresses crave in the cold winter months.

Free Shape is now a staple of my morning routine, giving me that 10 extra minutes of beauty sleep I need. And they say you can’t buy time! Now if only I could cut my commute time in half…KMS California, can you do that for me too?

Visit to find a salon near you that carries this time saver. —Jillian Sorgini


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