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Fekkai Advanced PrX Reparatives Intensive Fortifying Mask not only restores my hair’s strength and shine, but also restores my faith in hair masks.

Whenever women ask me what hair product, generally speaking, I love best, I’m always quick to say hair masks. For one, they’re indulgent—it’s like you’re treating yourself to something extremely special and even ritualistic when you use a hair mask. Two, they aim to right all the wrongs your hair has endured, leaving it shinier, healthier and more beautiful. But as of late I’ve noticed that an increasing number of hair masks don’t deliver on one of the most fundamental properties their product category demands: immediate softness. My hair shouldn’t feel like straw after a mask, as if I’d skipped the step of conditioning and only shampooed. Call me crazy, but I want—no, need—my strands to feel incredibly silky post-mask. I certainly don’t think that’s setting the bar too high.

After what seems like countless disappointments, I found a mask that is worthy of the word “indulgent”: Fekkai Advanced PrX Reparatives Intensive Fortifying Mask. Part of the PrX Reparatives line, this thick panacea targets dry, damaged hair—the kind that’s so thirsty and porous, it’s just dying for extra hydration and healing. In fact, hairstylist Frederic Fekkai specifically formulated this mask for all the women out there who subject their tresses to one-too-many blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons, straightening treatments, dye molecules…you get the gist. At the end of the day: We love our beauty, and we’re not going to stop pursuing perfect hair, even if we damage it in the process. Taking this sad truth into account, Fekkai formulated Intensive Fortifying Mask with keratin and silk proteins to reinforce hair. This is all well and good, but it’s the mask’s delivery system that takes these strand-strengthening ingredients and gets them where they can make a difference. That delivery system, a dual-action technology, allows the mask to penetrate and work at a structural level (not simply topical), helping to prevent keratin loss and protect against future damage.


What does protecting hair’s natural keratin do for you? The more keratin our hair has, the stronger it is. Logic says that stronger hair holds up better against heat-styling, haircoloring, straightening, you name it. In essence: all the crap we put our hair through in the name of beauty.

When I immediately run my hands through my hair after applying and rinsing Intensive Fortifying Mask, there’s no snags and snarls. My fingers glide through easily; my hair feels absurdly sleek. Now, one might fear that such an “indulgent” mask might weigh down hair, but this isn’t the case. After I blow-dried my hair, I found my locks to be not only glossier, but also bouncier. (In full disclosure: I forewent using a styling product to see how this mask truly works.)

Intensive Fortifying Mask is just one component of the high-end (and slightly pricey) four-product line; a shampoo and conditioner, plus a nifty 3-Day Transformation kit that includes three vials of dual-phase leave-in serum, round out the bunch. If used together, Fekkai Advanced claims up to 98% less breakage after just one week of use. I can’t speak to that claim as I’ve only put the mask through its paces. But, oh, how wonderfully that mask performs. It’s restore not only my hair, but my faith.

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