Pretty P.O.V.: Biolage Exquisite Oil Thursday 10 January, 2013

How does a cooking lesson tie in with Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil? The star ingredient, moringa oil, nourishes practically everything it touches—including hair, skin and, yes, your tummy.

One thing you don’t know about me (but now you will): I am an awful cook. Like, awful times 1 million. Awful infinity…times infinity….wrapped in a cloak of infinity. It’s bad. I’ve tried to break down exactly why I don’t have a future as a chef, and I think I have it pegged: I don’t like to follow directions due to impatience. You know, I get to the third or maybe forth step, and then I start to grow tired of it all. I skip a step unintentionally, perhaps because I want the finished product N-O-W. Add to that a busted old oven that doesn’t heat evenly and a cramped kitchen, and you have a recipe for me never cooking. Ever.


(Do you see the panic in my eyes?)

So I positively freaked out when I attended an event to unveil Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil. (Full disclosure: The event was quite a bit ago, but I’m only now talking about it after I finally got the chance to adequately test the product.) Why the freak out? Because it centered around cooking. The absolutely gorgeous IRL chef Katie Lee was on hand to school attendees in how to use moringa oil, the key ingredient in Biolage Exquisite Oil, to cook. Yep, it’s edible—but beyond that, moringa oil is something of a miracle worker. This do-it-all panacea is harvested from the Moringa oleifera tree, which grows in the Himalayas. What makes it special? It can sustain life in the most challenging climates; its high levels of antioxidants allow it to remain fresh for years on end. For this reason, beauty brands seek it as an ingredient, the thought being that its potent antioxidants will work as incredible anti-agers.


(The radiant celebrity chef Katie Lee showing us how it’s done.)

But, moringa oil is also monumentally expensive to produce (due to supply and demand), and Katie tells us that you most likely wouldn’t use it as a daily cooking oil. But, for the purposes of the event, she’s on a mission to teach us how to use it as a dressing for tabouli.


(My tabouli ingredients, prior to me messing them up.)

Let’s see…where do I mess up my cooking lesson? How about the fact that I mix everything together into my pretty dish before being told to put it in the dish. Oops. Thankfully, it’s really not a hard set of steps to follow, but the fact that out of a room full of editors, I am the only one to have already transferred my tabouli ingredients to the wrong dish pretty much sums up my No. 1 issue with cooking (following directions).


(Matrix artistic director Nick Stenson and I pose for a second…my panic has subsided.)

After we make our tabouli, I chat with Matrix artistic director Nick Stenson, who tells me a little bit about Biolage Exquisite Oil Replenishing Treatment. “It gives an amazing amount of shine; it can even be used as an additive to any Biolage treatments to enrich the hair, close down the cuticle, seal it and rebuild the bonds in the hair,” he says. “It protects color, and can even be used as a thermal protector before blow-drying or flat-ironing.”

Lee also expounded on the oil’s health benefits, touting its antioxidants as well as it’s ability to be very light when cooking—a motif that translates to the hair, as Stenson pointed out: “It provides tremendous shine without the weight.” Light inside and out!


As for me, I’ve long been a lover of the Biolage signature scent, and Exquisite Oil boasts this as well. I find the oil to be a little bit thicker, so you should work on a pump-by-pump basis. I start with one pump, which I then emulsify in my hands and run through my ends. Any left over I’ll rub into my elbows and backs of my hands because, as you now know, moringa oil is great for everything—and that includes skin. Despite Exquisite Oil’s thicker consistency, a quick rub down on the skin reveals that it sinks in literally within seconds with no greasy after effects.

Now, for the good news. Remember how I mentioned that moringa oil is expensive to produce? When ingredients cost a pretty penny, they tend to drive up the price of the product. Well, not here: Biolage Exquisite Oil retails for around $14. But, as with all things Biolage, you’ll want to buy it from a reputed salon to guarantee authenticity. Visit the salon locator to make sure you get the real deal.

So, Fearless Beauties, will you be trying out Biolage Exquisite Oil? Sound off fearlessly in the comments!

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