Out & About Beauty: International Beauty Show NY Thursday 26 April, 2012

A quick glimpse at the International Beauty Show in New York rustles up everything from pastel hair extensions to fashion-designer-stamped flat irons to hair bling that sticks to your hair—no strings attached!

I came to the realization this weekend that I simply can’t do it all: I can’t be two places at once; I can’t blog about every single beauty item, event or service that I experience; I can’t write features and columns for my day job, and then expect to blog something more than nonsense or filler nearly every night (and, trust me, I don’t want to feed you filler and nonsense!); I can’t create the imagery you see on this blog as often as I’d like because sometimes the artwork in my blog post can take me hours to create. At some point, something has to give—and I don’t want it to be Fear No Beauty’s content, nor my mental state.

And then I came up with the idea Out & About Beauty, a quick snapshot of the various goings-on that I stumble across in my day-to-day. Even though I’d love to delve in-depth on every little beauty-centric thing I do, my brain cells and body simply can’t handle it—and this seems like a good way to squeeze in some of the trappings of my life that I very much so want to blog a great deal about, but just don’t have the time to do them justice.

So this is my inaugural Out & About Beauty, and this one purely focuses on the three-day trade show event known as IBS NY. Beauty trade shows are possibly the loudest, craziest affairs out there, where hairstylists dance as they cut hair on stage, girls on stilts pass out info on curling irons, and ogling a group of burly men dressed only in metallic booty shorts isn’t considered downright rude (and, for that matter, weird). Here’s a look at some of what I witnessed…

International Beauty Show New York 2012

(From top left, clockwise): At the So.Cap.USA press breakfast, hair guru Nicholas French shows off an “urban warrior” hairstyle complete with textured braids and frond-like hairpieces; Amika collaborates with fashion designer Cynthia Rowley on a flat iron featuring the digitized floral print from her Spring 2012 show (which Amika did the hair for!); I spotted this Nicki Minaj-like cutie texting, and had to photo-stalk her—love those rainbow dip-dyed ends and the little bits of color that are pulled through her Farrah Fawcett bangs!; a Rusk stylist talks about the ombré trend, and listen up—it ain’t going nowhere; I model some hair bling called Glimmer by Mica Beauty that is flat-ironed into my hair—it is actually stuck to my hair, no strings attached!; a selection of candy-color clip-in extensions has me over the moon with joy.

And if you look at the banner image, you’ll also see two extra pics: Hair Flairs Color Rub, a temporary color that I am dying to try out, and A-list hairstylist Oscar Blandi with his celeb client, Jill Zarin, formerly of the Real Housewives of New York, chatting about Viviscal thinning hair supplements (um, let me tell you: This stuff works!).

‘Til next time!

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