Giveaway: Shu Uemura Art of Hair Volume Maker How To! Monday 15 April, 2013

Check my Shu Uemura Art of Hair Volume Maker how to, PLUS, I’m giving away five Volume Makers!

Before I discovered curling wands, I would wear my hair straight every. Single. Day. The big issue for me was that I have a very long face, and long straight hair just serves to make it look longer. Miles longer, in fact. And try as I might, I couldn’t give it any lift. I backcombed at the crown, but that rarely ever kept it’s shape. And I don’t like to overly shellack my hair, so my puffed-up crown—devoid of any kind of hold—would deflate within an hour of inflation. Sigh.

So when Shu Uemura Art of Hair asked me to take on the challenge of creating one of the three looks the brand created using its nifty Volume Maker, I thought, “Why not?” And when I spied that one of these three hairstyles is a Brigitte Bardot-esque body-ful bouffant, I thought, “Why not try that look because I’ve always struggled with it?” I like myself a challenge. Game on!

I watched the Volume Maker video (you can peep it at the bottom of this post), and then did my own step-by-step here (you can also view it on Shu Uemura Art of Hair’s Facebook page!). But before I show you how it’s done, guess what? I’m giving away FIVE Volume Makers! See how to enter at the end of this post!

Here’s how to get the look using Volume Maker:



Step 1: Create a section at your crown.


Step 2: Take the cap off of your Volume Maker. The brush has a retractable brush head; make sure to push out the brush head before you start clicking. Then, click the end a few times; you’ll notice a little puff of white dust come out of the bristles. I was kind of mesmerized by this—not gonna lie. Once you see that little puff, you’re ready to start the application at the roots of your sectioned crown area.


Step 3: Really brush the Volume Maker into the roots over the entire crown area. I created mini-sections within my big crown section, working one at a time with about one click of the brush per section. And, amazingly, the product doesn’t appear white on your hair—even on darker hair like mine.


Step 4: After you’re done applying Volume Maker to your roots, massage in the product. This helps distribute the product more evenly while also building up that texture you’ll need to create this hairstyle.


Step 5: Back-brush your crown. I prefer a paddle brush with a mix of boar bristles and nylon. Take your crown section, and with one hand pull it a little forward; with your other hand, back-brush the underside of your section, using a “c” movement from mid-length to the root in the opposite direction of growth. Continue to do this until you build the amount of volume you want.


Step 6: Carefully smooth your hair over the back-brushed section. Use the edge of your brush—not the bristles—to smooth the hair; this will keep you from disturbing the brushed-up volume you just created.


Step 7: Spray with hairspray and you’re finished!

Why you too should have no fear: Creating volume through back-brushing can be difficult for newbies (or even a practiced hand, like myself!), but Volume Maker really helps move the process along. Thanks to the click-and-brush pen, you can concentrate your application on the area you desire, keeping you from getting texture where you don’t want it. Another bonus: It’s pretty hard to over-apply Volume Maker, so your application never becomes too heavy (which is not what you want when building volume!). And, it even works as a great refresher; pop it in your purse, pull it out when you need a little “jooj,” and keep your volume pumped throughout the day!

I’m giving away FIVE Shu Uemura Art of Hair Volume Makers! Enter to win below!

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