Getting Real: Haley Moore Tries Beachy Waves Wednesday 08 August, 2012

Online ad sales gal Haley Moore takes on the summer trend that has the attention of both high-maintenance girls and effortless beauties: beachy waves.

Welcome to “Getting Real,” a new series all about approaching beauty trends with a real-world perspective. Who better to ask to take on the freshest looks than real women (or “girls,” as I like to call them—who says we need to grow up!)? This is an ongoing series for Fear No Beauty, and the aim is to bring real girls out of their beauty comfort zone, and introduce them to trends and products they might not normally try. Plus, it’s fun to see how they fare!

 Haley After 1

Meet Haley Moore, an Alabama girl through and through: seller of online ad space by day; avid runner, gChatter and phone-talker by night. Haley can’t be bothered with television, but give her some Facebook, and she’s one happy gal.

I put Haley to the test by inviting her to try out the summertime trend that has high-maintenance girls and effortless beauties alike clamoring to learn it: beachy waves.

 Haley Before

(Before the test: Haley’s balances her fresh face with an outfit as bright as her sunny personality.)

Her background: “I sell ad space for financial news sites. You’d think the environment would be conservative because it’s finance-related, but in the office we’re very casual. I wear jeans and I have a very natural look that I go with on normal days. When I have meetings with clients, I do try to look my best and dress up, which also means wearing more makeup.

“On my off-time, I love to run; I run almost every day in Central Park. It’s part of my ‘thin’ agenda. [Laughs.] I actually work a lot, even at home; and I talk on the phone all the time. I love being social.”

Her hair routine: “I’ve had trendy haircuts, but I’ve been trying to keep my hair long for the past year or so, and because of this I find it more difficult to put some pizzazz in it on a daily basis. Usually I air-dry it. I do blow-dry it about halfway, and then I realize it’s 8:20 and I gotta go; I leave the rest of the job to the heat of the subway and the natural wind. Or the men standing next to me breathing down on me (on the subway). That dries it too. [Laughs.]

“My mission is to keep my hair very shiny and healthy. I’ve been going grey since I was 17, so I color it every five weeks. I’m almost 20% grey! I use box color, Clairol Nice ‘n Easy 118, which is a perfect match to my natural color. I’ve experimented and tried to make my haircolor look like Jennifer Connelly’s, but that didn’t work out. My philosophy is: Don’t try to change yourself.

“With all the coloring I do, I didn’t realize until very recently that I wasn’t using enough conditioner. I know I need to do it everyday and I’ve recently started to—my new loves are Redken Color Extend Shampoo and Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Conditioner. They make my hair so much healthier-looking, shiny and soft. I feel like I just left the salon—you know, like after the hairstylist washes your hair, and it looks great for one day, and then goes back to straw the next day. Well, now I have that salon look everyday. Thank you, Redken and Joico.

“I typically only use a round brush to style my hair; no styling products at all. Sometimes I use a curling iron or flat iron—for going out. But, even though I don’t use products, I do carry a brush with me wherever I go. I use it for touch-ups all day. I have to! Maybe because I don’t have product in my hair.” (Blogger’s note: On the day of her “Getting Real” test and shoot, Haley left her brush at my apartment. She was devastated. The two were reunited a few weeks later.)

Her hair mantra: “Don’t try to be someone you’re not—even with your hair.”

Her beauty fears: “I wouldn’t ever do a perm; I just don’t know how it would turn out and it would be like that for a while! No…

 Haley Texturizing Spray 1  Haley Texturizing Spray 3  Haley Texturizing Spray 2

(First step: Let the texturizing spray fly! Haley finds that texturizing spray is like “hairspray on steroids.”)

The Steps:

1. Mist on a texturizing spray to thicken the hair shaft and lend piece-y separation.

2. Dry hair using a blow-dryer and your hands—not a brush—to keep the texture looking natural.

3. After you’ve dried your hair, spritz volumizing spray at the root area to help boost body. Blast the roots with a blow-dryer for more volume.

4. Create two- to three-inch sections randomly throughout the hair. The more random the sections are, the more effortless the finished style appears.

5. Use a curling wand (which doesn’t feature a clamp) or wrap your hair around a curling iron while keeping the clamp closed. To make waves last longer, mist each section with hairspray before wrapping the hair around the wand. Keep the wand vertical to your head and pointed down as you wrap the hair around the barrel, starting at the top of the wand and ending near the tip. Be sure to wrap the ends of your hair around the wand. When you start curling the hair around your face, curl these sections away from the face.

6. When your waves are complete, gently pull each curl as it cools.

7. Spray your hands with shine spray and run your fingers through your hair to break-up the waves for a looser look.

8. Go back in and pinch your fingers over the tips of some of the waves to create casual definition.

 Haley Blow Drying Waves  Haley Curling Hair

(Step five: Haley picks up the wand technique like a champ and doesn’t burn a single finger.)

Tackling the trend: “I was really intrigued by how to get these waves; I saw them on you [me, Karie!] and wanted them. I’d never heard of a curling wand before. I really want to get one. It’s like a mystery solved! I was wondering how everyone got those waves and now I know.

“I like the texturizing spray because it gave my hair the body needed. The texture is different for sure; it isn’t my normal, shiny dark hair, but it gives me that look of being at the beach for the day. It feels like I have sand in my hair, but it’s good for the look. And, that spray helped my waves last the rest of the day; it’s like hairspray on steroids!”

 Haley Kerastase Shine Spray

(Spraying shine spray on your hands and then running your fingers through your waves helps “break-up” your waves—in a good way.)

 Haley Hair After 2

(Haley gives the camera the “I have great hair” pose.)

“As soon as I got the technique down, it was a breeze. But, I didn’t exactly get the hang of it until probably about halfway through. When I finished one side, I was able to really do the second side quickly. All in all, it would probably take me 20 minutes now.”

Yay or nay? “I can see myself doing this, but not on a daily basis. Although I should; I need to spend more time on myself. The great thing about it is that these waves go with the look that I usually have: a messy, sort of bohemian look.”

Fear No Beauty Scale (1 to 10, 10 being easiest): “It took some time; I’d say it was a 7. Learning the technique is what’s the hardest. Though, I will point out that I didn’t burn myself. Not once.”

Products used: (for texture) Original Mineral Surf Bomb Sea Salt Spray; (for shine) Kérastase Nutritive Vernis Nutri-Sculpt Ultra-Shine Top Coat; (for hold) Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Harder; (wand) T3 Micro SinglePass Whirl; (blow-dryer) Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Dryer V.2.

Why you too should have no fear: The fact that beachy waves are the epitome of “effortless” beauty isn’t lost on me because they do, in fact, take some effort. But, as Haley learned rather quickly, once you master the wand technique, you’ll be whirling these waves out in no time. Beachy waves aren’t simply for summer; they’re so flattering (have you seen them on someone and not thought they looked great?), you can wear them year-round. The only fidgeting with the summertime formula I would suggest for the colder months: Go with a smoother finish—meaning, skip the texturizing spray and go straight for a heat-setting spray or a soft-hold hairspray (preferably aerosol so as not to weigh down your waves).

Do you need a wand? In a word (or three): I think so. I’ve done the whole “curl-over-the clamp-of-your-curling-iron” bit, and, truthfully, the conical shape of the wand is what makes your waves seem so effortless and relaxed. Curling irons typically don’t have this cone shape; some wands do—so there’s your advantage. And, don’t skimp: Investing in one that also uses ionic technology allows you to create waves without having to blow-dry your hair straight first—it instantly smooths the cuticle for increased shine. Look for tourmaline and ceramic as well; these help ensure your hair heats evenly without burning. If you want to simplify this even further (crossing off any leftover fears you may have), you can always wash your hair and put it up in a bun the night before; wake up, release the bun, rough dry and then go in with your wand on any straight bits. Voila! Effortless—and fearless—waves.

Would you wear beachy waves? Do you think Haley aced it?

Karie L. Frost Signature

(Photos by Karie L. Frost/; steps via a piece I wrote for called “Catch Some Beachy Waves.”)



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