Fear No: Rock-n-Roll Hair Wednesday 25 September, 2013


Are you with the band? When it comes to hair this fall, you certainly can look like you are with one of these five rock-n-roll hairstyles straight from the runways.

What is it about rock-n-roll that turns hairstylists into dedicated groupies, always coming back for more? On the fall runways, subversive punk struck a nervy chord with trendsetters; hairstylist Sam McKnight even wove a fox-fur Mohawk into the strands of purple-lipped beauties at Fendi. Wearable? No, but the gesture certainly proved that fall is all about pulling the “pretty” out of hair. More wearable is the return to grunge; messy locks befitting Courtney Love before her Hollywood-ization popped up at numerous shows, though the looks swapped sweat and days-old grime for 100% intentional grit. The Saint Laurent catwalk pulled off the roughened-up look of the ’90s with such authenticity, in fact, that Love herself gave her nod of approval.

Why the collective rebelling against glossed perfection? I’m thinking it’s just one of those signs of the times: We, the people, have lauded mega-shine for several years as being the picture of health (and it is, to be sure), while the editorial hairstylists (those who are creating looks for ad campaigns and runways and those beautiful images found in the back of your current Vogue/Elle/W) keep coming back to matte hair. The interstitial between the two—client-demanded glossy strands and stylist-approved matte texture—may be rock-n-roll hair. Maybe?

But how do you matte-down and grunge-up your mane without looking too burnt out? It’s a strange balance. Certainly, any one of the mattifying products on the market will help you in your quest for a rocker hairstyle (Redken’s Matte Sponge 05 is a great one), and the dry shampoo route is definitely a must for creating a lived-in look (Aveeno Pure Renewal Dry Shampoo is a stellar drugstore buy; Shu Uemura Art of Hair Volume Maker is a tried-and-tested favorite; and Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk is a mainstay must). But the rest is all attitude.

Here are five fearless rocker-worthy looks from the runways, starting from the most out-there leading down to the most wearable; try them out…minus the hard-partying and hanger-ons.


Fendi: No, I am not expecting anyone to don a fauxhawk, but it would be a travesty if I didn’t include this hairstyle in the mix. It’s about 99% punk-rock (minus the 1% for using fur, which is absolutely not punk-rock).


Marc Jacobs: Yes, it’s a wig, but this look is all about the cut. Shaggy like Joan Jett’s iconic ‘do, I can see this look on any number of girls hanging out in Brooklyn.


Balmain: This style saturated the runways like nobody’s business. Slicked-back sides, a bit of height at the top and crown with no parting, strands left long and dry. Here, it looks totally glam-rock. It’s an easy look to adopt: Just be sure to have some strong-hold gel and a blow-dryer.


3.1 Phillip Lim: This look found some of it’s inspiration in supermodel Kate Moss, who infamously dated the lead singer of indie rock band BabyShambles. I’m calling it the Rocker Girlfriend: a little unkempt, totally cool.


Saint Laurent: Is there anything easier than this? A little bit of dry shampoo at the roots to keep you from looking too greasy; a little matte texturizing product through the lengths for separation and a bit of grit. It’s the most accessible look—and isn’t that partially what grunge was about? Ease…or not caring, I guess.

Which rock-n-roll hairstyle would you wear? Sound off in the comments!

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(Images via beautylaunchpad.com, style.com)


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