Fear No: Head Scarves Wednesday 06 February, 2013

Wrap them, tie them, fold them, love them! Headscarves are the chicest way to dress up hair—and they hide a bad hair day like no other!

There’s one surefire way to tackle a bad hair day with style: Tie up those temperamental tendrils in a scarf. But even if strands aren’t behaving badly, a head wrap offers manes an extra dash of flash. Sometimes retro, sometimes girlish, oftentimes movie-star sexy, the head scarf has tons of versatility. Basically, what guise you want depends on how you tie it on.


Folded and finessed into a headband, the Italian souvenir scarves at Dolce & Gabbana add an exotic dimension to an already very sexy (yet still quite fuss-free) beauty look. “This hairstyle is all about the scarf, and working around it,” Redken creative consultant Guido says of this nonchalant look. “In my mind, it’s how a Sicilian woman would just quickly pin her hair up and then tie on a scarf.” Couldn’t agree more!


Twisting, knotting and turban-izing: The look at Marc by Marc Jacobs is at once fresh and fun. Perhaps because of the fabric’s loud pattern this head turban screams youth rather than “old” (which, frankly, some turbans are wont to do). “This is a very easy, simple hairstyle. We wrapped these bright fabrics around the head, and then pinned the hair up into a very messy chignon,” says Guido, who created the look. “It feels very young, lighthearted and nonchalant. It’s a mix of inspiration from the ’70s and ’80s and almost has a punky feel to it.”


The big floppy bow at Luisa Beccaria signifies little-girl cuteness, and though that may be a bit disarming for some, if you decided to take the size down a notch, you could be in for a very flattering look. What’s most interesting: The bow isn’t your typical swooped two-loops and instead has a cool (and literal) twist. Trés chic!

Why you too should have no fear: In a few (or, maybe several) words—head scarves can act as a chic-yet-not-overly-froufrou way to dress up a hairstyle. To me, they’re like a breath of fresh hair as opposed to the many bejeweled headbands that really are best shown when you have somewhere posh to go. Head wraps? They don’t discriminate. You can wear them to the beach, to the store, to a club: Seriously, they are extremely versatile. And, with the various ways to wrap them up and tie them down, you are in for endless designs with just one swath of fabric. Quick, easy and undeniably glam: Now there’s no excuse for visibly bad hair ever again.

Which of these three head kerchief styles do you love most? Sound off in the comments!

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