Story Time: Purple, Pink and Coral Brighten My Birthday Makeup and Nails Tuesday 21 August, 2012

I’m big on birthdays. I know there may come a year where I will stop rounding up my friends to have a big bash, but that year has yet to pass. Thankfully, my husband’s big on birthdays too, so he pulled together a great shindig for my 34th that I remember most of… Even if […]

I’m big on birthdays. I know there may come a year where I will stop rounding up my friends to have a big bash, but that year has yet to pass. Thankfully, my husband’s big on birthdays too, so he pulled together a great shindig for my 34th that I remember most of…

Even if my brain went a little fuzzy near the end of the night, I certainly remember the beauty build-up to the party—perhaps because I spent a good deal of time on it. As I blogged before, the flu came to Karie-town and wouldn’t quit me; I couldn’t shake it. This affected me two-fold: One, I had wanted to get my nails iced-and-dazzled at Valley in NYC, but I couldn’t in good faith subject a nail tech to my flu bug. Two, my concentration skills were nil, making hand and eye coordination nearly impossible. Note to self (and others): “Medicine head” and a pair of tweezers don’t mix. EVER.

 Birthday Makeup and Nails

(The only decent picture I have of myself all night.)

Because I couldn’t indulge in a professional nail art mani, I devised the best one I could muster myself. A quick jaunt to Sephora unearthed OPI for Sephora rhinestone decals; I snatched them up and started visualizing all I could do with them. Back at home, I dug up spare Swarovski rhinestones from a long-gone crafting project, and found the three most perfect polishes to set the stage: LCN Tahitian Pink, Tangerine Dream and Tropical Tulip.

 LCN Polishes Orange Pink Purple

(The three polishes that brightened my mani: LCN Tangerine Dream, Tahitian Pink and Tropical Tulip)

Once polished, I set to work with my decals, and let me tell you: These things are not made for people with massive C-curves like me. I couldn’t keep the edges of the decal down. If I held one edge down, the other would pop up. Watching me work these decals was probably akin to watching chimps piece together their first puzzle. I probably spent a good hour trying to make these decals behave.

 Birthday Nails and CC Skye

(Triumph! I finally got some of the decals to stay put. But, naturally, the rhinestone designs I did freehand seem to be fairing better than the decal ones.)

 Up Close Birthday Nails

(Each nail has a different design!)

Then I went in with the individual rhinestones and filled in some areas that seemed a little sparse. I kept the bling concentrated at each nail tip, but made sure no two designs were alike.

With the makeup, life was a little easier. All color selections I made came down to my dress, an Alice & Trixie beauty that has chest-to-floor purple, orange and pink geometric patterns. I’m of the matchy-matchy type; I like to keep all the colors samesy. So, I went the purple, coral and pink route.

 Birthday Makeup Products

(The major players in my birthday makeup look: I-Envy by Kiss Beyond Naturale KPE35, NARS Eyeliner Stylo, Benefit Cosmetics Bella Bamba, Smashbox Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio in Auto Expose, Illamasqua Lipstick in Close)

I don’t typically wear strip lashes, but when I have a big “going-out” event, I’ll take on the challenge. I’m not particularly skilled at the application, despite having written countless articles on the art of faux-lash-adherence. For me, it’s always a battle. But this time, I don’t know what happened: It’s like the lash gods intervened and let me have my way. Or maybe I simply did it right this time: First, I applied mascara to my natural lashes as a base foundation for the lashes to sit on; then, bent the very edges of the lash strip inward so they didn’t pop-up/poke-out at any point of the night; and, finally, pushed the strip to the base of my lashes, but not on my lid. Whatever it was, it worked. And though this style of I-Envy by Kiss lashes seemed a little over-the-top when I eyed them in their package, once on they were just obvious enough to accentuate my smoky eye without overpowering it.

 Eyes Closed Birthday Makeup

(The iPhone self-portrait: Never a favorite.)

The focal point of my makeup design is a purple smoky eye, using Smashbox Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio in Auto Expose, and accentuated with a rather elongated cat eye, thanks to NARS Eyeliner Stylo, which is mighty handy at allowing me precise edges. Whenever I do a smoky eye, I always highlight my brow area with Lorac Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Negligee; it’s the perfect eye-lifter…which I guess at 34, I probably need.

The second focal point is the lips: matte coral, which I can only truly wear if I’ve scrubbed my lips to death with Fresh Sugar Lip Polish. Seriously: You can’t wear a bright matte mouth with flaky lips. Illamasqua Lipstick in Close is the best matte, loud coral I’ve found so far; it’s an awesome way to punch up a look, no matter if you’re wearing a smoky eye or bare face.

For my cheeks, I layered Benefit’s ChaChaTint, a mango hue, with Bella Bamba, a sparkling brightening pink face powder. I kept the color concentrated on my apples for a more youthful appeal. Hey, I need all the help I can get!

 Karie Birthday Dress

As the night wore on, I didn’t keep up with my makeup—I’m pretty sure I should have reapplied some color here and there. But it was a fun night—one that I will mostly remember.

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  • Jillian says:

    you looked great! love this post 🙂

    • admin says:

      Thanks a million! I love strategizing makeup, hair and nails. What I forgot to mention (and someone who read the post pointed out) is that I also clipped in a few Sultra Hair Extensions in lilac. Just for more POC (pop of color)!

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