Story Time: New Years Beauty Resolutions Wednesday 02 January, 2013

The eight New Years resolutions I’m going to try to live by, lack of willpower be damned.

It’s 2013! A new year to best those that have passed. A new year to fill with new experiences and memories. A new year to resolve to change anything that we may feel we’re lacking in. A new year for a new you.

And yet, I never stick to my New Years resolutions. Resolution is defined as “strong will.” “Karie” is defined as the opposite: No willpower, whatsoever. Maybe for a month I’m able to drum up the self-discipline for that exercise I’ve been putting off (yet paying for—seriously, why do I pay for the gym every month and not go? Why?). Maybe for two months I’m able to say “no” to that extra glass of wine. But when February and March roll around, I’m right back to where I started: the same old me—the self-saboteur, the talker yet not doer. Will 2013 be any different?

Even if I lose my steam quickly when it comes to self-improvement, that’s absolutely no reason not to make a list of resolutions that I should at least try to accomplish. And in the name of fearless beauty, I’m going to task myself with a few challenges that might take me out of my comfort zone.


(Me and the hubby at a New Years Eve wedding at the Fairmont Copley. I’m wearing an Alice + Olivia art-deco bolero and Badgley Mischka gown; he’s wearing Hugo Boss…if you care!)

Resolution #1: Drink More Water

It’s not that I don’t like water; I like it fine. I’m just extremely lazy when it comes to water. Bottle it up and I’m more apt to drink it. Put it in a Brita-filtered pitcher and you can kiss me ever even looking at it goodbye. Why? I have no clue. And yet I don’t like the idea of buying bottled water (why hurt the Earth because I’m lazy?). And so, the vicious cycle of me not drinking water continues. But water is vital to more than survival; it’s wonderful for keeping skin hydrated, for expelling toxins, for getting rid of that holiday bloat.

Resolution #2: Exfoliate More

Time and time again, skincare experts tell me that the No. 1 most important step to ensuring gorgeous skin is exfoliation. And yet—I skip this crucial part of my skin beautifying regimen more often than not. Why? I’m not sure. Perhaps because I haven’t found that perfect exfoliator—the one that’s not too harsh yet not so gentle that it does nothing to slough away dead skin cells. Exfoliation is key to allowing your other skin care items to do their best work, so skipping out on the slough stuff is counterproductive to your end goal: glowing, beautiful skin. Exfoliation only needs to occur a few times a week, and shouldn’t just be relegated to the face; your body needs love too. Exfoliation, I resolve to do you more. (That sounded weird.)

Resolution #3: Treat My Scalp Better

Resolution #1 ties in with this; if I drink more water, my scalp will be a happier one. But also, we tend to forget to give our scalp the TLC it deserves, and our hair pays the price. Taking good care of your scalp is not a bandage to a problem; it’s a solution. I’ve been experiencing extremely dry (and extremely embarrassing) scalp, so it’s time to stop whining about it and start treating it better. More exfoliation; more moisturization; more love.

Resolution #4: Eat Better

I don’t eat badly, per se, I just don’t eat often. I resolve to eat breakfast and lunch, which I often skip, and keep my dinners light. I’d like to fit into the 100 pairs of jeans I’ve kept in my closet for the past 10 years (they’re still in style—I swear) in hopes of one day wearing them again. 2013 is the year this is going to happen.

Resolution #5: Be More Active

Unlike most people, my resolution isn’t to simply go to the gym; it’s to be more active…period. I work from home, so my activity is extremely limited. Get up, shuffle to the kitchen to make coffee, and then settle into my office chair to work…and I’m settled there for the next 10 to 12 hours. I’ve read that sedentary people have much shorter lifespans, and even with these conclusive studies, I haven’t kicked my arse into gear to change my laziness. So 2013 is going to be the year of not only the gym (ew), but also the “walks to nowhere.” I need to walk around the block or just get out of the office every day. No excuses.

Resolution #6: Change Up My Eye Makeup

As much as I preach trying new beauty trends, I myself have fallen into a slump. That is, I tend to wear a smoky coppery eye daily. Yes, I do variations on it, but at its root, it’s still a smoky coppery eye. 2013 is the year to go emerald; to give more grey a go; to embrace the blue eye shadow trend that is HUGE for spring. I definitely have worn the neon-blue eyeliner look from last year, but I’ve got to step it up a notch. This is my year to rock shadows that are both sparkly and matte, both vibrant and sedate, both high-pigment and color-washed. In 2012, I wore daring lipsticks on the daily and changed them often. 2013 is all about employing this same fearlessness toward my eyes.

Resolution #7: Conquer DIY Nail Art

I would love to become proficient with a nail striper. But, you know, something in my brain can’t reconcile painting on a canvas so small. I told that my New Years resolution was to become more dexterous with both hands so I can create more nail art—and not only more nail art, but more nail art that actually looks good. Yeah—it’s happening.

Resolution #8: Give in to Pedicures

As part of the team for the new nail magazine, Nail It!, you’d think I’d be a pedicure junkie. I’m not—not even in the slightest. Something about people touching my feet scares me a little. And yet, I can’t deny that a trained professional is 100 times better at painting my toenails. So, I resolve to get a pedicure more than once a year. Maybe twice. Or three times.

So, those are my resolutions. Eight for now; maybe I’ll tack on a few later. This is the year to be healthy, beautiful and happy. Cheers to a great 2013!

What are your 2013 New Years Resolutions? Sound off in the comments!

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