Story Time: Fear No Beauty Turns One! Friday 21 December, 2012

Fear No Beauty turns one year old today! A look back at the top 10 posts, and how fearless beauty has evolved throughout the year.

Today marks Fear No Beauty’s first birthday! (It also happens to be the hubby’s birthday; strange that I started the blog on the same day.) And what a year it has been! To best describe the experience, it’s been like flopping around in the water, and not knowing how to swim very well. I learn something new every week, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I utilize that information. That’s me: the self-saboteur.

I started Fear No Beauty because I wanted to take the fear out of beauty trends and products. So often my friends would say they like the idea of a look (say, teased hair), but they simply didn’t know if they could pull it off. My aim became to tell them that, not only can they pull it off, but they can customize it to their personality, their lifestyle and their level of beauty proficiency. And, if they don’t adore the style on them, they can brush it out and move on to the next one! That’s always been my mantra: Test out trends; see if they jive. If they don’t, wash them off (or remove them however is best to remove them) and keep on truckin’. Life is too short not to enjoy beauty.

So, looking back, I wanted to select my top 10 Fear No Beauty blog posts from the 270 posts I’ve done (yep, 270! Not quite 365, but not too shabby!), which includes the beauty series, “Getting Real,” in which I chronicle a real girl trying out a beauty trend or look she’s never done before. Here, my top 10:

Story Time: How I Fixed My Hair Color Disaster: I wish I could sit and share every single beauty blunder I’ve committed (and there have been many), but time doesn’t permit me to post blogs that frequently. However, when I lost hair along my center parting due to misadventures with facial bleach, I committed such a horrible crime on beauty, that I couldn’t keep it to myself. This was one of my first posts, and still remains a favorite because it reminds me of my teenage stupidity, and how far I’ve come (at least beauty-wise) since college.

Story Time: Your Hairstylist is Not a Mind Reader: Honestly, I think people expect everyone around them to see colors the same way they do. And that’s the problem: We never do. My watermelon isn’t your watermelon; your gold isn’t my gold. This story recounts my not-to-funny run-in with a makeup artist on set, and how this type of assuming makes an “ass” out of…well, you know the saying.

Story Time: The Will to Stop Picking and Prodding Pimples: This post polarized people. I was told I was too graphic in my recounting of what I do (thought, really, I wasn’t); others said thank you for sharing. This is a disorder of types that afflicts me, but I’ve gotten much better since writing it.

Pro Logic: Kristen Arnett Shares Her Green Makeup Picks: Interviewing Kristen opened my eyes up a bit more regarding the green movement. Not only does she stand behind good-for-you products, but she creates some of the most gorgeous editorial images out there. She’s truly gifted, and I loved our interview.

Story Time: Thomas Dunkin, Pink Hair Theory and a Video: If you haven’t read my pink hair theory, you must. It’s quite thrilling. (Or, at least, it’s a great beauty conversation starter.)

Pretty Peek: Avril Lavigne Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips: Avril Lavigne is every bit of what you’d expect: small, very teenager-like (though she’s 26) and extremely into fearless beauty. We immediately connected.

Fear No: Ombré Lips: I called this out as a not-quite-a-trend, and within a week or so, The Guardian (which is like the U.S.’s The New York Times, but in Great Britain) picked up my story and linked back to me. The word was out: ombré lips were making a play for mouths, and that look played out in several different iterations the next season as well. This is also a part of the Fear No series, my favorite blogs to write, though they take me so much time to put together that they are few and far between. Note to self: Plan for 2013 must include more Fear No posts!

Event Space: Alex Box and Illamasqua Freak: I don’t typically geek out when I meet beauty insiders, but Alex Box is a whole different story. Great interview.

Catwalk Cut: The Beauty of Prabal Gurung Spring 2013: Here’s the deal: I’ve always covered backstage beauty in a very different way than others. It’s never a quick how-to; I try to capture the feel of backstage, the hustle and bustle, the trend that is coming alive. I live for writing these, and though I attended 35 shows this season (Spring 2013), I only posted a few due to how intensive the writing process is. Maybe I’ll get a few more up. This one is a favorite.

Story Time: Three Scents That Give Me Those Things Called Memories: Everyone has a product or two that remind them of a different time in their life due to its scent. These are mine.

So, those are my top 10. Going back, I am now seeing how things have evolved on the blog, and what more I should be doing and tweaking. It’s a practice in getting to know a medium, and trying to make the time for it.

But I would be remiss if I didn’t include a few more links to stories that I am exceedingly proud of, and that, if you’re a first-time reader of Fear No Beauty, you must tackle.

First: The Fear No Series. Listen: These are what this blog is all about to its core—stripping fear from a beauty trend. Every trend is explained in its context of the season (some are rather timeless, by the way, so they still apply today and will continue to apply tomorrow), and then I break down how to take the fear out of them. Here they are (minus the Ombré Lip, which is above):

Fear No: Spring 2012’s Loudest Lip Colors

Fear No: Clip-in Bangs

Fear No: Cat Eye Design

Fear No: Rainbow Hair

Fear No: Blue Nail Polish

Fear No: Dark Berry Lips Four Ways

Fear No: Summertime Red Lips

Fear No: Neon Nail Polish

And, finally, the “Getting Real” series, which I mentioned in the beginning of this post, and thought would be part of my top 10, but there were just too many goodies for me to list above. So far, four girls have taken on trends that pushed them beyond their comfort zones and allowed me to document them. Check out each for their conclusions!

Getting Real: Natalie Garber Goes Monochromatic in Tangerine

Getting Real: Lara Santini Tries the Defined Crease

Getting Real: Haley Moore Tries Beachy Waves

Getting Real: Rebecca Broyer Tries Bright Hair Streaks

And there you have it: Fear No Beauty in a post. I’m happy to have stuck with it for this year; some days I simply had too much to think about, and FNB fell to the wayside. I’m hoping such neglect is a thing of the past—for me, but mostly for you, my reader.

So tell me: What is your favorite post from this past year on Fear No Beauty? Sound off in the comments!

And what do you want to see more of? Beauty reviews? Stories? Getting Real? Fear No? Trends? Pro Logic?

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Story Time: Fear No Beauty Is Featured in People StyleWatch!
Story Time: Fear No Beauty Is Featured in People StyleWatch!
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  • I’m so thrilled to have had our interview included as one of your top 10 posts. Thank you very much for the opportunity to be involved in such a well done, fabulous blog! Green Beauty is in the house! 🙂 Happy holidays! -Kristen Arnett

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