Story Time: Fear No Beauty Is Featured in People StyleWatch! Tuesday 20 August, 2013


Check out the September issue of People StyleWatch; Fear No Beauty’s featured as one of “6 Great Beauty Blogs”!

I am beyond giddy with excitement that Fear No Beauty was picked to be included as one of the “6 Great Beauty Blogs” in the September 2013 issue of People StyleWatch! It is such an honor to be featured in a magazine that has quickly grown to be a go-to for the beauty-obsessed.

When I was interviewed, I asked what exactly had lead them to pick my blog. After all: the more you know, right? The writer told me that they had searched for beauty blogs that are niche—that have a distinct point of view that clearly sets them apart from others. These six blogs are focused—and Fear No Beauty’s focus is exactly what the name spells out: Be fearless with your beauty. That delighted me. When I started this blog, my goal was to strip beauty trends of any kind of inaccessibility; to make them attainable, wearable and covetable. And though the blog has expanded to not only include tackling the more unique trends (i.e. neon eyeliner), at it’s core, it’s still about embracing beauty without fear. I’ve often said that fear exists on so many levels when it comes to beauty. Sure, it’s perfectly understandable that you may not feel comfortable rocking pink streaks or an obvious ombré lip. But I know women who couldn’t even imagine themselves getting a few highlights or who have never once wore eye shadow and mascara. Their reasoning always leaves me disheartened:

“I don’t think I could pull it off.”

“I don’t know how to apply it.”

“I’d look stupid.”

“I don’t know what to buy/ask for.”

Central to most reasoning was the fact that they hadn’t even tried what they feared. They just feared it—somewhat irrationally, though I can understand the fear of the unknown.

So here we are with Fear No Beauty, a place to come to discover tips and tricks that will make trying the unknown—whatever that is for you—easier; a place where both new and mainstay products are looked at in a way that makes them less scary; a place where you you can learn every way possible to be fearless with your beauty.


(The September cover! Go out and get yourself an issue!)

But back to the People StyleWatch “6 Great Beauty Blogs” story…

The interview was fun; we chatted for 30 minutes or so. And being that it’s print (and space is limited), my best tips got included, but here are some more bits I divulged that didn’t make the cut:

My Celebrity Beauty Crush

Camilla Belle. I love that she changes up her makeup constantly and tries new, fresh colors. She’s not afraid to tackle a jewel-tone smoky eye or a tangerine lip. Also, her makeup artist told me she’s the sweetest person when he’s applying her makeup. That just sells me.

One of My Best Beauty Tips

If you want to get a super-straight cat eye wing, or need to refine the size and shape, try Fran Wilson Nail Tees. Sure, they’re made for cleaning up cuticles after manicures, but their super-fine tip really allows you to refine liquid liner perfectly. I always feel like if I’ve done a messy job, there’s no need to start over; just dip one of these Nail Tees in some makeup remover and refine away! I use them everyday…


Trend I’m Loving Now

Matte bright lips. I can’t get enough of them. I see girls every day on the streets of NYC, and they can be wearing anything—T-shirt and jeans, flowing maxi-dresses, a blazer and shorts—and if they’re rocking a vivid matte lip, they just look totally cool.

All-Time Favorite Beauty Makeup Product

OCC Lip Tars. They’re matte; they’re punchy; they last forever. They can be messy, yes, but the fact that a mini brush is now included when you purchase a tube makes applying them so much smoother.

Definitely pick up the issue to read about all my fellow featured bloggers, as well my new fave product and my best tip for easing into bolder makeup trends!


(I just had to do the newsstand pose. I just had to!)

What’s your best beauty tip—the one you’d share with everyone, including People StyleWatch? Sound off in the comments!

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