Story Time: Disappearing into the La-La Land of Los Angeles Tuesday 24 July, 2012

Why I’ve been missing: A work trip to Los Angeles involves three photo shoots, a broken laptop and tons of running around on next to no sleep. Blogging, sadly, took a back seat. But now I’m back…

It all began with the right intentions…

See, I was supposed to travel to Los Angeles for the Nailpro Fall 2012 polish shoot—a story I’ve been shooting for so many years, I may need three hands to count them on—and all the while I intended to blog each night (but not on weekends; I’ve cut that out of my life for the time being). I brought my somewhat untrustworthy laptop with me in order to get my blogging done. For the record, this laptop weighs a good 10 lbs. I was counting on its performance—if for no other reason than to justify my excessive heaving and ho-ing when I lift my carry-on into the overhead bin on the airplane. But my laptop failed me (time for a new one!), and I failed you. Blogs ceased in Fear No Beauty land this past week.

Also to blame: Exhaustion, and my complete and total lack of time to do anything blog-related while doing that thing we do: work. The two (exhaustion and time-suck) went hand-in-hand.

But now I am back on my much-loved iMac with a little more sleep on my side and a ton of pictures to share of my trip. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed living them and snapping them! And here we go…

 Fall 2012 Nail Polishes

Upon landing in sunny Cali-for-NY-A, I hustle to get all of the fall 2012 polishes in order. It’s a hefty order. What a rainbow, ay?

 Fall 2012 Glitter Polishes

Naturally, glitter is still abundant in polishes. Fall has plenty to offer the fleck-obsessed. We who love our nails to sparkle can breath a sigh of relief.

 El Cholo

Off to one of my fave Santa Monica haunts, El Cholo. You must have the crab enchilada. I die.

 Kelly and Karie

Reunited with an old bestie from high school, Kelly. Later that night, she is interviewed by the 11 o’clock news. I’m not kidding. Only in L.A.

 Custom Minx

I spy these custom Minx Nails on my editor’s desk. I recognize the prints: Spring 2012 Alberta Ferretti, Prabal Gurung and Cynthia Rowley. “What are those?” I ask (or, rather, I just start pilfering through them, and then I ask). “Um…you wrote the story,” she replies. Oh yeah. They were made for a story I wrote months ago about florals on nails. My memory is shot.

 Morning of Shoot

Day of the big photo shoot: We are all crossing our fingers it doesn’t rain. Thunderstorms threatened the day before (leading to a gorgeous sunset I missed because I was indoors, pulling clothes), and we all don’t even want to talk about our BACKUP PLAN because we are pretending we don’t need a BACKUP PLAN. Turns out: We don’t. The sky is clear and the sun blazing.

 Art Deco Jewelry at Photo Shoot

A selection of the jewelry I gathered for the shoot; some vintage, most new, all art deco-fabulous.

 Makeup Kit Photo Shoot

Makeup artist Johnny Saade’s pigments are so very cheery, no? I just want to paint with them all day…

 Great Gatsby Wardrobe Photo Shoot

Wouldn’t it be nice if we dressed like this day in and day out? Sometimes I wish life was more formal…even though you can’t pry my bell bottoms from me. I cannot live without them. Do you think I can wear bell bottoms under a ’20s-style dress? What would Rachel Zoe do? WWRZD™

 Britni Behind the Scenes

The gorgeous Britni Stanwood is a trooper. No matter the 93-degree weather and humidity, she plowed through it all with gusto. Can’t wait to share images and more detailed behind-the-scenes photos with you when the story comes out!

 Behind the Scenes Fall Photo Shoot

I love it: The photo shoot within a photo shoot rules!

 My California Trip Scouting Locations

And on to the next: Scouting locations to shoot “Getting Real” and couldn’t resist the “walk down the middle of the street” shot for myself. Has that become cliché for blogs? I don’t care. I did it…and I like it.

 Rebecca Getting Real Shoot

I’ve been dying to test these Sultra Hair Palette Color Hair Mascaras myself, but when I consulted with my “Getting Real” gal, Rebecca, she told me she wanted to try out color streaks. So, she got to test them first!

 Rebecca Photo Shoot

Reviewing shots of Rebecca…she insisted on wearing those blue gloves. I suppose I can’t blame her!

 Santa Monica Third Street

A quick stroll to another old haunt: Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade. I used to live right by here…

 Steph Photo Shoot

Another day, another shoot: Snapping another “Getting Real” gal, my good friend Stephanie.

 Stephanie Getting Real Shoot

Stephanie’s tools for her task…

 Faux Pas Food

After we wrap, we dine: Faux Pas Bistro offers up bottomless mimosas (try the mango one with crushed jalepeños…divine) and this plate, known as the “Toad-n-Hole” = eggs, lardons and asparagus.

 View from Hollywood Hills House

Somehow, we find ourselves in a Hollywood Hills mansion, complete with its own “Moroccan Room,” which is code for “hookah, hookah, hookah.” We play basketball, we learn that Cher used to live here, Mike Tyson slept here (but did he live here? Not sure…). This is the view from the backyard.

 Karie Stephanie Elisa Hollywood Hills

Such a view is wasted if not used as a backdrop for us (that’s Stephanie and Elisa, who Long Islanders may notice from News 12…)

 Welcome Home Mama

I catch a red-eye back (did you know Jet Blue flies out of LA at 1 a.m to NYC….such a good find!), land, shower and then do the requisite cuddle with my boy, Tobey.

 Tobey and Karie nap time

And with that…. zzzzzzzzzzzz.

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