Story Time: A Brief Blog Break Thursday 30 January, 2014


Things are happening; I need a brief break.

I apologize to my readers, but I am having to take a much-needed break from blogging. I recently traveled out West to L.A. for a photoshoot, and I dutifully brought my laptop as well as a list of stories to blog . Then I got there, and I just…did other stuff. I went to CardioBarre (highly recommended); I drank wine with childhood and college friends (also recommended); I met deadlines (recommended, but hard); I exchanged ideas with a photographer (communication: recommended); I sat in traffic (not recommended); I drove, white-knuckled, the scariest, twistiest, winding-est, no light in sight canyon road (Topanga) (never, ever recommended); I slept through the night for the first time in a long time (recommended—more on that). And I didn’t blog. I just let it go.

Then I returned home to New York, where it dumped a foot of snow the next day (this, after having been in Venice in the 85-degree sunlight). And I snuggled up to my kitty cat, Tobey, who has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, and who is not doing so hot on his new meds. And that has really taken my attention away; I am so very focused on him, and his well-being, that I just want to cuddle with him rather than type. Because I type all day for work. That is what I do.

Tobey cat keeps me awake at night, too, which I always took issue with, but now that he is sick, I wake up on cue at all hours waiting for him to lay with me. It’s been rough, guys. Real rough.

BUT…I am returning to blogging. I am. This is just a short break. I have many, many great things to write about. I’ll be reintroducing the “Getting Real” series, where I task a “real girl” to try a makeup trend she might not normally wear. I’ll be tackling some more “Fear No” trends, as spring is full of great beauty trends to try fearlessly. And I’ll naturally resume my “Pretty P.O.V.” product recommendations. I’ve tried some great stuff this past month, and I do want to share all of it with you.

But, first this break to regroup, get Tobey feeling better (that’s him above, sitting in his castle), get myself rested (although: UGG…New York Fashion Week is next week…so sleep will be a thing of the past for a week). I really appreciate you sticking around, or coming back, to read Fear No Beauty. In the meantime, if you’re new to the blog, or if you’re a loyal fan and just want to reread some stories, here’s a list of 11 blog posts I dig:

Getting Real: Rebecca Broyer Tries Bright Hair Streaks

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How I Fixed My Haircolor Disaster

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Pretty P.O.V.: Make Up For Ever Prime

Fear No: Neon Nail Polish

Fear No: Ombré Lips

Vanity Projects is Elevating the Status of Nail Art

Fear No: Spring 2012’s Loudest Lip Colors

Dropping Knowledge: How to Use a Mascara Fan Brush

I’ll be back…

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