Story Time: Bath & Body Works PocketBac at Fashion Week Saved Me Wednesday 20 February, 2013

For the first time since I’ve been covering Fashion Week, I didn’t get sick. Were the free Bath & Body Works PocketBac hand sanitizers backstage my savior?

What were fashion insiders fearful of this past New York Fashion Week? No, they weren’t worry-warting over whether their clod-hopping platform heels would betray them in the snow or whether their off-the-wall outfits would be street-style-snapped. They were worrying about catching the flu. Because, as we know (thanks, media), the flu is out to get us this year. And when you’re in tents where the capacity is being breached pretty much at all times, you’re bound to be up in someone’s (or several someones’) personal space. The flu would have no problem taking victims.

But, backstage at the tents in Lincoln Center, vats of Bath & Body Works PocketBac Sanitizing Hand Gel were on hand, and I couldn’t help but treat myself to one (or, two, if I’m being honest). And for the very first time in the eight or so years I’ve been covering beauty backstage at New York Fashion Week, I didn’t get sick—and that’s no small feat for me. I ALWAYS get sick. Typically, it starts as the sniffles and progresses into full-blown sneezes—and, let me tell you: Interviewing people in close quarters when you’re sneezing is disgusting and embarrassing.

But this time, between slathering on my Fresh Picked Garden Herbs PocketBac (which smells nothing like herbs or a garden, but more like a very subtle green apple) and jotting down note after note after note, and flitting from here to there to everywhere in rain, sleet and snow, I didn’t once sniffle nor sneeze nor feel any aches or pains that could be attributed to the sickies. I felt jaunty, upbeat, happy and most importantly, not sick.

Should I draw this conclusion/correlation between Pocketbac and my not getting swallowed alive by sickness? Empirically speaking, why not? If the “data” shows that every season I didn’t use Pocketbac I got sick, and the one season I did use it I didn’t fall ill, that’s a strong case, no?

So, thank you Bath & Body Works Pocketbac for making this NYFW a hanky-free one for me. My nose and dignity will forever be indebted.

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