Story Time: All I Saw in Idaho Was Corn, No Potatoes Thursday 16 August, 2012

A photo diary of my trip to Idaho, plus appearances by NARS Eyeliner Stylo, Illamasqua Lipstick and corn. A lot of corn.

Oh, man.

Let me just start off with that short, two-word sentiment. I have been fighting the flu and laryngitis for more than a week now (hence, my major blog absence…sorry!), and in the thick of the sickness, flew to Idaho to visit my family. The occasion: my paternal grandmother, better known as “Lil’ Grandma,” Stella’s 92nd birthday. Let me tell you: That lady has fire. Pep. Pizzazz. Panache. Whatever you like to call it, I need to bottle it up and shoot it back on days when I’m feeling down.

While I didn’t exactly venture out to document the beauty and fashion of Boise, I did snap off as many pictures as my sick-y self could muster. Let’s call it a little photo diary. And away we go!

 Overpacking Lipsticks and Lip Gloss

I’m an over-packer by nature, and the problem extends to lipsticks and lip glosses. It’s not a horrible problem to have, but it’s pretty time-consuming. I literally sit and go through ALL of my lipsticks and glosses and figure out which ones would work best with what I’m packing. These are the guys that made the cut.

 Small Plane Big Backpack

When your backpack trumps the size of your plane, maybe you should turn around and go home. I’m not a fan of flying, and these small planes do very little to ease my fears. On the flip side, large planes also send me into tailspins. Really: Something that big in the air? Doesn’t make sense…and yet, I fly.

 Joe and Missy

A bunch of kitties have taken a shine to my parents. This one’s name is Missy, and she’s the sweetest cat I’ve met outside of my own. The hubby made fast friends with her; this is probably my favorite shot of our Idaho travels.

 Self Portrait Idaho

When it comes to self-portraits, I’m not jiving with them. But, I need to start, because that’s part of this whole bloggin’ biz. I thought my makeup looked pretty nice, so I snapped a quick photo. What you see: Illamasqua Matte Lipstick in Over, a vibrant coral, and NARS Eyeliner Stilo in Carpates (black). What you can’t see: Two dogs running around loose in the back cab of the pickup truck flying down the road next to us. Apparently this is normal. But very, very unsafe for the pooches.

 Karie and Parents at Fork

We ventured with my folks into Boise to eat at Fork, a super-delish restaurant that is beyond cheap. Prices in Idaho: Can’t be beat. (PS: If you’re curious about my duds, those jeans are Henry & Belle and top is Amanda Uprichard.)

 Gimlet at Fork

New York City, take note: Artisan drinks do not need to cost $18 a pop. To wit: This is Fork’s Huckleberry Moonshine Julep, and it’s only $7.95.

 Bloody Mary at Fork

Sign me up: Bloody Mary garnished with a deep-fried, blue-cheese-stuffed olive

 Grandma Margaritas

First birthday dinner: Lil’ Grandma throws back a ginormous margarita. With an extra kicker shot.

 My Norman Rockwell Doppleganger

My Norman Rockwell doppelganger: Everyone tells me I look like her.

 When We Were Younger

Everyone tells me I look like her (on the right) also: That’s me and my brother, circa forever ago. Dig his band aid and my bowl cut.

 Idaho Corn

You know what you see a lot of in Idaho? Corn. You know what you don’t see? Potatoes. Although, if I’m being honest, I wouldn’t really know what a potato field looks like. But the big joke in Boise is that restaurants in Idaho don’t serve Idaho potatoes; they’re all sent elsewhere. Strange, no?

 Frostie Drink

Unearthed our namesake drink. Frostie was my nickname in high school.

 I Think You’re Nice

We stumbled upon the most interesting consignment/antique store, and this figurine caught my eye because the hubby always says this very phrase to me: “I think you’re nice.” And he holds his hand to his mouth like that while he says it too. No he doesn’t, but it’s funny to picture.

 Spooky Dolls Idaho

Creepy dolls. Enough said.

 Elvis in Idaho

The food yearnings of Elvis! Enough said.

 Idaho Farmhouse

This is the scenery of Idaho: farmhouse, silo, horse trailer. Repeat. A nice break from the gray skyscrapers of NYC.

 Aphid in Idaho

Aphids flocked to me. This guy struck up a conversation with my rings.

 Karie in front of horses wall

The wall behind me features a bunch of running mustangs, and it’s extremely beautiful. But, you’ll only get to see their hooves here. They’re nice hooves, right?

 Karie and Grandma in Sombreros

Perhaps this is why I had laryngitis: We continued to “celebrate” birthdays throughout the trip. Because, you see, it’s also my birthday. And the only way to truly fete another year is to wear a sombrero.

 Grandma’s Chocolate

When you’re 92, gifts come in the form of chocolate. TONS of it.

 Grandma Staking Cake Claim

And, when you’re 92, you’re allowed to “spit your claim” on your cake. Yes: To deter us from touching her piece, she’s doing the old “lick-and-touch” trick. It works.

 Normal Frost Family 2012

This year, I took the family portrait. Did I do good? (My dress: Charlie Jade.)

 Goofy Frost Family 2012

But, naturally, “serious” is boring. Hence, nose-picking, asphyxiation and strong-arming.

 Hair in Face

And now it’s time to bury myself under the covers and get some rest. Or maybe bury myself under my hair. That ought to do it.

Karie L. Frost Signature


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  • Jasmine says:

    Wow! You made Idaho sound so glamorous and look so photogenic! Wish we could have gone to that Boise restaurant too.

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