Pro Logic: Red Lipstick, Dark Nails and Returning To Your Hair Roots Friday 05 October, 2012

Makeup artist Rachel Wood talks shopping red lipstick; manicurist Beth Fricke picks inky granite as a go-to fall nail polish hue; and haircolorist Rick Wellman shares advice on how to return dyed hair to its natural tone.

Just as we wave a sad goodbye to summer, fall wraps its cool arms around us—and brings a plethora of new beauty with it. There’s always some sort of makeup, hair and nail transition that coincides with the changes in the seasons, and autumn is the time when colors plunge a little darker and richer. Three top beauty pros in the know share their best fall tips for handling the transition, the new trends and even a return to a more natural you…er, hue.


Makeup Artist Rachel Wood: Better Off Red Lipstick Shopping

Feeling brave enough to adopt that bold red lip seen on countless fall runways? But, at the same time, also confused as to what red bullet to buy? Before you start sleuthing for the perfect crimson, follow makeup artist Rachel Wood’s tip: “Go shopping for a red lipstick when you are in a good, positive mood. It’s like shopping for jeans when you’re having a bad day—you’re just going to end up frustrated!”


Manicurist Beth Fricke: Dark Granite Nail Polish Is the New Neutral

“My hot nail polish picks that I shot regularly for [magazines] this fall are primarily from OPI’s Germany Collection,” confides manicurist Beth Fricke. “My personal favorite is Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok, Fine!, a flat, dark granite that goes a bit forest green on the second coat.” Though Nein! is quite inky, Fricke assures that the lacquer hue doesn’t fall “too dark or vampy.” In fact, she views it as fall’s nail polish neutral—a “go-with-everything” shade you’ll be wearing well into the winter and beyond.


Hair Colorist Rick Wellman: Returning to Your Haircolor Roots

Even if you’re addicted to coloring your hair, there may come a time where you’d like to return to your roots, so to speak. Hair colorist Rick Wellman has these words of wisdom: “When transitioning from dyed hair to your natural tone, do it gradually. Each time you color, choose a semi-permanent dye that’s one shade lighter than your previous hue and just touch up the roots.”

What’s your favorite piece of fall beauty advice?

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