Pretty P.O.V.: The Beauty Items We Love for Summer Monday 06 August, 2012

We think hard on what our must-have summer beauty items are—those items we find ourselves coming back to again and again, through heat, sweat and sunny days. Our picks, from a sweet-smelling moisturizer to orange nail polishes to lightweight illuminating foundation, may not be the newest items—but they’re definitely the hottest for summer.

Two weeks ago, I heard more than a few people say, “I can’t believe summer’s almost over.” Well…it wasn’t. We only just hit the half-way point. But I can understand why they felt that way. The weather has been all sorts of strange, with tornados touching down in places they never do; hail the size of golf balls unexpectedly pummeling our streets; and an overall lack of sunshine…at least in New York. With all the gloom, summer just doesn’t seem to be…sunny. It seems like it’s over.

But! That hasn’t stopped us at Fear No Beauty from trying to make the most of it—especially with our summer beauty. I asked FNB contributors Jillian Gordon and Jillian Sorgini to pick that product that they find they can’t live without for Summer 2012, and I did a little picking myself. Though we tried to narrow our choices down to one, a few extras eeked their way in. Hey: When you love something, you love it.


Jillian Sorgini Summer Pick: Essie Brightest Orange Polishes


 Jillian Sorgini Summer Beauty Favorites 2012

There are so many must-have summer products—sunscreen (for the beach), glitter (for concerts and festivals—though this is really a year-round necessity), and bronzer (for a perfectly sun-kissed glow). This summer, I’ve really embraced color and am obsessed with all things orange, especially on my nails. When Essie featured Fear or Desire in their summer collection, I passed in favor of my tried-and-true red. But I kept finding myself drawn to the color. Once I tried it, I was hooked! My nails have run the gamut of orange hues—from Essie’s Tart Deco, Braziliant, Meet Me at Sunset and Orange, It’s Obvious. Orange reminds me of a candy-colored sunset at the end of a perfect summer day; it’s just an amazing pop of color on your nails. Who knows? Maybe next I’ll take the plunge into orange lipstick! —J.S.


Jillian Gordon Summer Picks: Neon Polish and Hempz Herbal Moisturizer


 Jillian Gordon Summer Beauty Favorites 2012

Whether electric orange or glow-stick green, I’m loving neon nail polish for summer. Not only does this perky pop of color get me nostalgically giddy (I am a child of the ’80s after all), but the shockingly bright hues can’t help but get me noticed! I recently rocked Bellapierre Cosmetics’ Neon Orange to a birthday brunch and was showered with compliments (even from the guys!) on my sassy mani. Score!

Years ago, my girlfriend introduced me to Hempz Herbal Moisturizer Original Scent, a rich (and beyond delicious-smelling) body lotion that has since become a summer must-have. My friends and I all became so addicted to her coveted bottle of Hempz that she would literally ration it out so as to savor every last dollop. Not only is the scent intoxicating (the closest I can describe it as is Juicy Fruit gum), but the hemp seed oil-infused formula is extremely nourishing—not to mention soothing if you’ve spent one too many hours in the sun. I should mention that there are a variety of fragrances to choose from, but Original will always make me think of summer… —JG


Karie Frost Summer Picks: Xen-Tan Perfect Bronze and Shiseido Radiant Lifting Foundation


 Karie Frost Summer Beauty Favorites 2012

Bronzer can be your best friend or your worst enemy (just watch a season of Jerseylicious, and you’ll know what I’m talking about). So when you find a bronzer that applies color seamlessly without blotching, contains absolutely no shimmer (a known magnifier of pores), and is matte without making you look dirty—you hold onto the bronzer and never let go. That’s how I feel about Xen-Tan Perfect Bronze. The bronzer is brown-based rather than orange or ruddy, and it gives me the most healthy glow when I’m pale or when I’ve got a bit of a summertime tan. And, best of all: It layers gorgeously over sunscreen, foundation, moisturizer—you name it! I like to think of it as my personal sliver of sunshine in this very overcast world.

Right before summer started, I met the acquaintance of Shiseido Radiant Lifting Foundation, and the two of us rarely split up (we’re only apart when I’m testing out other foundations and potions!). I’ve never made it a secret that I enjoy full-coverage foundations; I like my skin imperfections to be virtually undetectable. But, with full coverage often comes heaviness and pore-clog-age, and I can’t go for that…noooo-o. Radiant Lifting Foundation gives me the coverage I crave without any of that old-school spackle feel. And to double-down on ensuring my skin looks flawless, it also uses slight-of-hand (light-reflecting technology) that deflects light in such a way that you simply can’t see skin issues. The lightweight formula has stood up to sweat-fests (MoMA’s PS1, anyone?) with fading and running, and I couldn’t love it more. Oh, yeah—I could: It contains broad spectrum SPF 17 to protect against summer rays and a bunch of moisture-giving and skin-lifting ingredients to keep wrinkles at bay. I wear it to everything—and will probably continue to into the winter. —KF

Now that we’ve shared our summer beauty must-haves, what’s yours? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Lydelle says:

    I’m really feeling the Xen-Tan. I’m curious to know how it cleans up tho? I’ve been using new skin care products so I’m trying to find a winning combination. 🙂

  • admin says:

    I’m not 100% sure what you mean by “cleans up,” so I’ll try to answer as best I can.

    For me, the positives for this bronzer is that I find it doesn’t apply blotchy (I use a large fluffy bronzer brush to apply it) and that the color is very believable (it has a nice brown base).

    As with any powder bronzer, you really should wait a few minutes after apply any kind of liquid or cream to your face before applying; this way color won’t grab on areas that are unevenly dry.

    Removing it is easy: Face soap does the trick. I also don’t find that it wears off on my clothing (I apply it down my neck and I rarely see it on my shirt collars).

    Hope that helps! 😉 karie

  • Lydelle says:

    Sorry for being confusing. Either way, you totally answered my question. Thanks a bunch, Karie! 🙂

  • Karie says:

    You’re welcome!

  • Catherine says:

    I have been searching all over for the ingredients of the Shiseido Radiant Lifting foundation. Do you have those?? I have allergies and want to make sure I can get it.

  • admin says:

    Hi Catherine: Here is the ingredient rundown, and it’s long.
    Water, Glycerin, Dimethicone, Butylene Glycol, Nylon-12, Diethylhexly Succinate, Lauryl Peg-9 Polydimethylsiloxyethyl Dimethicone, Peg-10 Polydimethylsiloxyethyl Trimethicone, Bisk-Butyldimethicone Polyglyceryl-3, Polymethyl Methacrylate Tocopheryl Acetate, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, PEG/PPG-36/41 Dimethyl Ether, Aluminum Hydroxide, Aluminum Distearate, Cyclomethicone, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Trisodium Edta, Polysilicone-2, Tocopherol, Alumina, Triethoxycaprylisilane, Sodium Metabisulfite, Hydrated Silica, Barium Sulfate, BHT, Methicone, Syzygium Jambos Leaf Extract, Tetradecene, Hydrogen Dimethicone, Dipentaerythrityl Hexaahydroxystearate, Tin Oxide, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Iron Oxidies, Titanium Dioxide, Mica

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