Pretty P.O.V.: BluePrint Cleanse Thursday 14 March, 2013

An impending trip to Barbados made me put my eyes on the prize (flatter belly). To aid me in my stomach-shrinking, I tried out BluePrint Cleanse. Here’s my journey…

Oy vey. I’m currently in the throes of Day Three of a BluePrint “Renovation” Cleanse. Excuse me if I come off as fussy or out of it.

But, yes: I decided to try one of the most popular home-delivery cleanses, BluePrint, because I’m leaving for a mini vacation to Barbados, and the thought of putting on a swimsuit seemed extremely frightening. I am seeking to shrink my mid-section by an inch (or two!), and thought that one way to do it would be to ingest a bunch of organic fruit and veggie juices—the added benefit being that I’d also rid my body of the toxins I love to accumulate. (You know: Red wine. White wine. Cheese. Beer. Ice cream. Eating out…period.)

Before I bought three days’ worth of juice (each day is $65, but I will confess: I received one day free as a gift from Tibi), I read a review by Recipe Girl. Unlike me, she’s an obvious foodie; she runs a food blog, for goodness sakes. So, this cleanse likely seemed daunting to her. But for me, a person who doesn’t eat much during the day, yet chows down at night, I thought this would be a breeze. I also am not the best at following tons of directions, so the the three-day prep before you even start sort of fell by the wayside…mostly because I had a birthday party to attend, and I wasn’t going to give up birthday cheers and cupcakes. Sorry!

So, here’s how the cleanse works: Drink six pre-made juices each day. Between juices, drink masses of water and, if you miss your coffee, herbal tea. Yes, you must cut out coffee. You cut out everything, really, other than these juices and water.


Here’s what you get each day, in their proper order of consumption (with my thoughts on each):

Green Juice (romaine, celery, cucumber, apple, spinach, kale, parsley, lemon): The least tasty of the bunch. Definitely takes getting used to.

P.A.M. (pineapple, apple, mint): Delicious! Love this so much I could drink it constantly. The mint makes it so refreshing.

Green Juice (same as before): Ugg.

Spicy Lemonade (water, lemon, agave nectar, cayenne): This is super-good, especially since it has a little bit of kick from the cayenne. I could drink this all day too.

C.A.B. (apple, carrot, beet, lemon, ginger): I was nervous about this one because of the beets (I don’t like juicing beets), but it’s OK. It does tend to stain your…um…evacuation. So don’t freak out when you see that.

Cashew Milk (water, cashew, agave nectar, vanilla, cinnamon): Sort of like a watered-down vanilla milkshake. Pretty good, but it has this big thing of residue at the bottom that I ate just because I wanted something to chew on. Makes your teeth feel a bit dirty.

You start your day with a cup of hot water and lemon, and then dive into your juices, spacing them out about an hour or two. For me, on Day One, I felt pretty good. No hunger pains whatsoever. No thoughts of food. What did happen: My spine and back muscles started to burn come evening. I know that sounds weird, but I store a lot of pain and stress in my back, and I suppose this is where the toxins were starting to release. Fabulous.

I also felt lethargic. Extremely lethargic. My husband said that could be the result of no coffee. Could be.


Day Two: Was so tired. Sooooooo tired. Very unlike me. And my concentration level was nil. My back ached all day and worsened as it went on. I forced tons of water down the hatch to eliminate the toxins that are obviously swimming around in my body. Hate to rain on their parade, but I’m in pain! They gots to go. I didn’t really feel hungry; but I did want to chew on something. When my husband cooked dinner, I begged him for an asparagus spear. He denied me. I finally went to bed, forgetting the pull to chew something, but feeling very cold (another effect I’m having) and tired.

Day Three: Here I am! I woke up this morning feeling very ill. Severe nausea and a headache. I went back to sleep after downing a water, and re-awoke feeling lethargic, but had no more stomach issues. My back still hurts. I’m chugging along.

BUT…I’m not hungry. Not once have I experienced hunger pains. I suppose that could be because you’re basically drinking 1,070 calories, which, yes, is below the standard, but isn’t too below what people who are on a major diet would consume (1,200 calories).

I’m a bad girl in that I didn’t do the pre-cleanse regimen and won’t do the post-cleanse one (because I’m going to Barbados! There’s no way I’m drinking vegetable broth while I’m there!). So…my results may not stick.

All in all, my stomach appears flatter. (It also appears I didn’t measure myself beforehand; that would have been helpful). I lost a total of five pounds, which I’m sure is water weight. But, my friend told me she cleanses often, and that the best part about re-setting yourself is that you make healthier choices. We’ll have to see about that.

Check out more more deets!

Have you tried a three-day cleanse? What was your success/experience? Sound off in the comments!

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