I Link It: Chill Out With These Cooling Beauty Products Friday 22 June, 2012

Looking to beat the summer heat? Take the icy plunge with these cooling beauty products that promise to melt-proof makeup, chill out your scalp and keeping your lips tingling—no matter the soaring temps!

The topic of heat and humidity has been swirling around the Twitterverse and, let me tell you: I am living it. There’s something about 95-degree heat paired with 70% humidity and the smelly streets of Manhattan that just doesn’t jive well with my constitution. I had five events to attend in the past two days, and for every one, I showed up with my face melting, my back covered in sweat and my feet actually slipping around in my shoes. Not pretty.

(Side note: Remember the movie, A Time to Kill? Matthew McConaughey and Sandra Bullock are perpetually covered in a layer of glistening perspiration as they battle evil in the South. Somehow, they make sweat look sexy. It is so not sexy.)

A friend of mine had a really good idea, which I must say works extremely well when you’re bopping around in the summer swelter: Buy a CVS Instant Cold Pain Relief Pack, and put it on your neck and chest right before you go into an event, interview—wherever you’re going where you don’t want to look like a sweaty monster. I don’t know if you’ve used one of these before, but it’s one of those mysteries of science that is probably best not to know how it works exactly. (For instance, I like to think little elves are in there throwing around snow.) It’s a plastic bag that feels like it has a bunch of little balls in it; when you want to use it you squeeze it and something (the little elves!) inside cracks, and the whole bag turns into a 50-degree (I’m guessing on that) bag of icy goodness. It’s amazing. (It’s single-use, by the way, so once you use it, your done with it.)

What’s also amazing: Many beauty products out there exist to keep you looking cool, calm and collected. Typically, the signature ingredient is peppermint or menthol, and man oh man, does that do wonders to keep your jets cooled. Other products tap serious innovation as their cooling agent, like a reusable towel that can be whipped into the air to activate a long-lasting cooling sensation. (More elves at work, I’m guessing?)

I rounded up some of the best cooling beauty products for Makeup.com‘s Chill Out; take a look and tell me in the comments if you have a favorite product that allows you to beat the unbearable heat!

What’s your go-to cooling beauty product?

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