Beauty Mark: Prada Spring 2012 Campaign Video Tuesday 07 February, 2012

Prada’s Spring 2012 Campaign video captures Americana at its finest: all muscle cars, blue skies, gorgeous ’50s style hair and bright lipstick—with a little bitchy attitude thrown in for good measure.

Last week, talent agency Art + Commerce—an agency that’s roster is a who’s who of gargantuan editorial talent, ranging from hair geniuses Guido Palau and Orlando Pita to makeup maestros Peter Philips and Gucci Westman—emailed me a video dreamt up by creative director David James and shot by Steven Meisel. Needless to say, I obsessively watched it probably eight times in a row (and then a sprinkling of times after that…hell, I watched it three times today; who am I kidding?). The video is for Prada’s Spring 2012 campaign; the imagery is the picture of Atomic-sized Americana, all super-saturated blue skies, gas-guzzling muscle cars engulfed in metalflake flames, slow-and-sexy pan shots, and quick cuts of music, a soundtrack that I have already started buying up on iTunes (a handy track list can be found at the bottom of this post).

And of course, the beauty is like a Technicolor dream: Lips are lavished in rich pigments in shades of coral, tangerine, fuchsia and pomegranate; skin is highlighted to refract the beauty of that great endless sky; cheeks are sculpted to ruddy perfection.

 Spring 2012 Prada Campaign Video Kathryn Kruger”

Perhaps my favorite scene is of model Kathryn Kruger peering into a crystal-encrusted compact as she applies her smashing fuchsia lip. Is it the lip that I’m latching onto, or her girlish barrette? It’s all so Pleasantville—after the celluloid was awash in color. Or maybe I’m most drawn to the attitude of it all, complete with a little scuffle that model Elise Crombez encounters when she has a solid shoulder bump with one of the other willowy gas-pump-trolling chicettes. These gals, with all their peerless beauty, are kinda bitchy—and I love it.

 Spring 2012 Prada Campaign Meghan Collison

Bitchiness, bold lips and bright skies—it works for me. Does it work for you? What is your favorite look in the Prada Spring 2012 campaign video?

As promised, a music track list—you know, for when you get stuck at a gas station in the middle of the desert with a bunch of supermodels.

“Funnel of Love” by Duck and Cover
“Dirt” by Tobacco
“Musaphonic” by Tom Recchion (not available on iTunes, unfortunately)
“Kids” by Sleigh Bells
“Written All Over Your Face (feat. Ariel Pink)” by Holy Shit

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