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About Me - Fear No Beauty

Who am I? I’m Karie L. Frost, a lover and documenter of all things beauty. Stepping beyond the confines of the beauty closet, I like to take my adventures in “making up” to the streets of NYC, LA, Boston…you name it! I’m a beauty editor for Nail It!, Nailpro and Beauty Launchpad, who enjoys dipping into makeup, hair, skin and nail trends that sometimes go beyond the traditional. For me, there’s no cat eye too extreme, no glitter too fulgent, no haircolor too outré to try (ask anybody who knows me; I’m up for anything!). If I can put a dash of the unconventional into the conventional, I’ve done my job. My journalism background has made me naturally curious and completely unbiased, and I truly do seek to test out, try on and submerge myself into anything and everything beauty (and fashion!)—and then translate my experiences into words to live by.

++ It should go without saying: Please don’t use imagery found on this blog unless you have my explicit permission.
++ As I do work in the business of beauty magazines, most if not all of the items and services featured on this blog have been sent to me as samples or gifted. My reviews are in no way influenced by anyone or anything other than my own skin, eyes, nails, mouth, lashes, nose…you get the drift.
++ Please note that this blog represents my, and those of the contributors’, personal opinions on beauty, products, services and trends, and in no way represents those of my employer.

++ If you’d like to submit samples, or have a beauty story you want to tell, contact me: FearNoBeauty@gmail.com.