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Friday 30 November, 2012

Pretty P.O.V.: Sultra The Bombshell Cone

Sultra The Bombshell Cone Rod Curling Iron is the perfect wand for the S-waving newbie. Let me explain.

Thursday 29 November, 2012

Fear No Beauty on IFB November 29 Links a La Mode

This week, Fear No Beauty made the cut for IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) Links a la Mode for November 29! As with last time, I read each and every of my co-linked blogs to learn more about them. I found two to be strikingly interesting: Youth Savage: Little Women and Heavy Husbands: a Response explores […]

Wednesday 28 November, 2012

Pro Logic, Fashion Edition: Boost Your Winter Fashion Confidence

Your winter wardrobe doesn’t have to weigh you down or make you look and feel schlumpy. Try these fashionable, shape-giving suggestions to boost your confidence.

Tuesday 27 November, 2012

Pro Logic: Makeup Artist Sarah Tanno Talks Sweat-Proof Makeup

Sick of sweating away your makeup? Me too. Makeup artist Sarah Tanno makes up the faces of some of the hardest-working (and therefore, forever sweating) performers out there—so she knows a thing or two about getting the best of perspiration. She shares her favorite budge-proof makeup.

Sunday 25 November, 2012

Pretty P.O.V.: Holiday Beauty Gifts!

Gift-giving: It’s almost as wonderful as receiving gifts. (Almost.) I may be one of the best gift-givers or most awful gift-givers, depending on who you ask. “Best” because I know my recipient’s tastes, and I rarely fail at choosing great gifts. Perceived “awful” because I never ask the recipients what they want; I get them […]

Wednesday 21 November, 2012

Pretty Peek: This Black Friday Buy MAC Grey Friday

Ready to stand in long lines so you can play grabsies with a bunch of crazies looking for the newest, shiniest gifts? Hey, I can’t be hating; I’ve definitely scored some amazing items on Black Friday, the busiest shopping day in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE. And, though so many seriously strange stories arise from this consumers’ […]

Wednesday 21 November, 2012

Pretty Peek: Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi Talks Nails and New Polish Line

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi opens up about her nails, her favorite salon and her new Snooki Nails by Nicole Polizzi nail polish, nail wraps and nail tips line.