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Friday 29 June, 2012

Pretty P.O.V.: Kevin.Murphy Color.Bug

Last year, a hairdresser introduced a colleague of mine to Kevin.Murphy Color.Bugs. The way she described the cute critters: Temporary color, much like a chalk, that can easily be applied to the hair and be washed out that same day. My ears instantly perked up. At that point, the chalking craze had not struck; this […]

Thursday 28 June, 2012

Pretty P.O.V.: Earthly Elements Brazilian Citrus Color Preserving Shampoo and Conditioner

All-natural and color-preserving? Earthly Elements Hair Care System Brazilian Citrus Color Preserving Shampoo and Conditioner promise high-performance haircolor protection—using natural ingredients.

Wednesday 27 June, 2012

Getting Real: Natalie Garber Goes Monochromatic in Tangerine

Meet Natalie Garber, the very first “real girl” for Fear No Beauty’s “Getting Real” series. All about approaching beauty trends with a real-world perspective, Getting Real aims to bring real girls out of their beauty comfort zone, and introduce them to trends and products they might not normally try. Plus, it’s fun to see how they fare!

Tuesday 26 June, 2012

Event Space: The Body Shop Beauty With Heart

The Body Shop introduces a host of do-good beauty: limited edition Lily Cole Cruelty Free Makeup collection, Pulse Concept stores and more. Is it Beauty With Heart? Why yes, it is.

Monday 25 June, 2012

Story Time: A Half a Brow Short

It was my first time. Don’t worry. I’m not going to share some tawdry, post-prom experience in a Motel 6. Instead, my tale of woe is far more scandalous, stemming back to the ripe—and entirely naive—age of 14. Between puberty’s cruel wrath, the unparalleled insensitivity of middle school boys, and my super sexy braces, this […]

Friday 22 June, 2012

I Link It: Chill Out With These Cooling Beauty Products

Looking to beat the summer heat? Take the icy plunge with these cooling beauty products that promise to melt-proof makeup, chill out your scalp and keeping your lips tingling—no matter the soaring temps!

Wednesday 20 June, 2012

Service Scout: Benefit Brow Bar

Where eyebrows are concerned, I am lacking—lacking in hairs, lacking in the skill set to shape them, lacking in care to even do so. (I know: That last admission is a particularly sad one.) But, when I meet Hilary Foote, educator for Benefit Cosmetics (or, as she’s known around the block, the “Arch Empress”), at […]