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Thursday 26 January, 2012

Fear No: Ombré Lips

On the Prabal Gurung Spring 2012 runway, lips literally stopped the show. Why? Because MAC makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury painted them in the most vivid, ombré fade, your eye literally couldn’t look elsewhere. Can you pull off the ombré lip? Yes, you can—with some necessary tweaks.

Tuesday 24 January, 2012

Nail Rock: Offbeat Nail Wraps Come to America

Which one of these is not like the other? If you’re peering at the nail designs above, you may notice one that sort of looks like lady bits…because it is lady bits. Yep, it’s not like viewing a Georgia O’Keeffe painting and saying, “I think I see a vagina.” It’s a straight-up vagina. The brand […]

Monday 23 January, 2012

Fear No: Ombré Green Glitter Nails

What happens when you take the best of Spring 2012’s green nail polish offerings, paint each nail a different hue, and then finish this mean-green manicure with a holographic glitter top coat? Absolute perfection!

Saturday 21 January, 2012

Service Scout: Aveda Full Spectrum

I take Aveda’s newly reformulated, 96% naturally derived Full Spectrum haircolor for a whirl. The results: Hair that’s softer than ever, and color that’s remarkably shiny and vibrant—even one month later.

Friday 20 January, 2012

Pretty P.O.V.: Hairbanglez

My parents recently came out to visit me in NYC, and a funny thing happened. We were on the 7 train (subway), and a frail, old woman (this description is completely accurate) kept gesturing toward me. Each consecutive hand movement became increasingly agitated. I thought to myself: “Great. This is what my parents are going […]

MAC Cosmetics Lightful Revamp
Thursday 19 January, 2012

Pretty Peek: MAC Cosmetics Lightful

I am a sucker for packaging. I simply adore products that are housed in something that is visually pleasing. So, when I laid eyes on the newly re-vamped MAC Cosmetics Lightful line, my jaw dropped. Sure, it’s what’s inside the bottle that counts—but, oh, what a bottle! I’m really into this whole “holographic-psychedelic” groove that […]

Kelly Osbourne Golden Globes 2012
Wednesday 18 January, 2012

Red Carpet Beauty: Kelly Osbourne at the 2012 Golden Globes

Kelly Osbourne becomes the exception to the red carpet rule at the 2012 Golden Globes: Be a daredevil with your haircolor (in her case, lavender-silver)—and pull it off beautifully.