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Lit Glitter Eyeliner Additive For New Years
Friday 30 December, 2011

Pretty P.O.V.: New Year’s Eve Beauty With Lit Cosmetics

Tomorrow (New Year’s Eve) is the time to pull out all the stops with your makeup, and you better believe I’m going full-glitter ahead. My plan: successfully create a sparkle-packed cat’s eye—one that screams glamour. And the glitter I am turning to is Lit Cosmetics. Why I love Lit: 1. You can pick your glitter […]

P&G Makeup Perception Study
Friday 30 December, 2011

P&G Study: Makeup Alters Our Perceptions

Do you find yourself sizing up the woman who’s not wearing a speck of makeup? Are you judgmental of the one who’s rocking a fierce smoky eye? Whether you know it or not, most likely, you are. A study conducted by P&G Beauty & Grooming and Nancy Etcoff, PhD, assistant clinical professor at Harvard University […]

Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Window and Blue Nail Polishes
Thursday 29 December, 2011

Fear No: Blue Nail Polish

Since I’ve lived in Manhattan, every year my husband, mother-in-law and I brave the cold and crowds to ogle the holiday windows at Bergdorf Goodman. They are always the most intricate and the least cheesy (you know who you are), and they seriously will blow. your. mind. This year, the concept was “Carnival of the […]

Anastasia Beverly Hills Wish You Were Here Contest Giveaway Trip
Thursday 29 December, 2011

Contest: Anastasia Beverly Hills Wish You Were Here Contest

I’m from California—Valencia, to be exact. Valencia, the home of “Wally World” (well…Six Flags Magic Mountain, but it will always be National Lampoon’s Vacation “Wally World” to me); the setting for Weeds‘ fictional ticky tacky box-filled Agrestic; the place where 110 degrees during the day could drop to a very chilly 66 degrees at night—such […]

Suzi Weiss-Fischmann's Top Three OPI Polish Picks from Spring 2012 Holland Collection
Wednesday 28 December, 2011

Pro Logic: Suzi Weiss-Fischmann’s Top Three OPI Polish Picks for Spring 2012

Spring: When you’re in the grips of winter, it’s hard to think about spring. But, as a magazine editor, that is what I am constantly asked to do, to think ahead, to go someplace that doesn’t quite exist just yet—and now even more so, with the immediacy of the Internet demanding that beauty editors and […]

How to Fix a Hair Disaster
Wednesday 28 December, 2011

Story Time: How I Fixed My Hair Disaster

Like so many cash-strapped students during their college days, salon visits were simply out of the question for me—but that didn’t mean I didn’t desire beauty indulgences. My god-given mousey brown hair color needed highlights, and I heard from a fellow student that drugstore facial bleach would do just the trick. Yes, facial bleach: That […]

Amanda Seyfried unveils Cle de Peau Beaute Spring 2012 Collection
Tuesday 27 December, 2011

Event Space: Amanda Seyfried Unveils Clé de Peau Beauté Spring 2012 Collection

If only my birthday party brought the best of this world under one roof: a clutch of high-end beauty products and, naturally, heaps upon heaps of sweets…and some champagne! But, alas, the dream birthday party I am alluding to was not for yours truly; rather, it was to fete gorgeous, emerald-eyed actress Amanda Seyfried, who […]